World Bank, Agric Sector, Fisheries Partners, Breakground for US$1.7M Landing Facility


A groundbreaking ceremony for a US$1.7 million dollars fisheries landing cluster project was on Wednesday March 5, held at the port city of Robertsport in Grand Cape Mount County.

The fishery ceremony brought together stakeholders, including government officials, World Bank representatives, Liberia Municipal Water Project, chiefs, youth groups, women and citizens as well as the fishing community in Grand Cape Mount County.

Speaking at the program in Robertsport, Deputy Agriculture Minister for Technical Services, Dr. Sizi Subah, called on the fishing community, chiefs, elders and citizens to embrace the fishing landing facility as own property.

Minister Subah also called on the beneficiaries to sustainably manage the project for the younger generation of Liberians not only for the people of Grand Cape Mount County.

He also explained that the WARFP fisheries landing facility would provide the corridor for boat repair, boat landing and the sustainable management of the project.

Deputy Minister Subah also urged the fishermen and women to look at the landing facility in a positive way that in turn make their socio-economic conditions at an appreciable level in the country.

He further lauded the efforts and support of the Co-management staff for their determination and fortitude that has led to bring the construction of the fishing landing cluster in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County.

Minister Subah also intimated that the Robertsport fisheries initiative was a pilot project that when sustained would extend to other seaside areas in the country.

“I encourage you all to work as a team and put all your hands around the project in order to ensure completion on time,” Minister Subah cautioned.

Minister Subah pointed out that efforts to enhance the menace of illegal, unregulated and unregistered activities by all Liberians cannot be over-emphasized.

In a statement, the World Bank Liberia’s Senior Agricultural Specialist Abimbola Adubi called on the contractors to honor their side of bargaining by completing the project on the time stipulated in the project document.

Mr. Adubi also assured the contractors that World Bank and partners would support the project contractors by providing the requisite funds and technical support for the success implementation of the fishing landing process.

He added that the World Bank Liberia’s country office would also place more emphasis on the monitoring and evaluation aspect of the project during the construction period in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County.

For her part, the World Bank Liberia’s Nature Resources Management Specialist Madam Sachiko Kondo urged the direct beneficiaries to embrace fishing landing cluster and cooperate with the contractors in the implementation of the project in Robertsport.

“We will work with all the stakeholders especially the Ministry of Agriculture, WARFP Liberia’s staff and local chiefs to ensure the project would be completed in the stipulated time period in the project document.” Madam Kondo concluded.

In remarks, chiefs, elders and county leadership extended thanks and appreciation to the World Bank Liberia and others for the initiation of the fisheries project in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County.

Meanwhile, as part of the social responsibility component, WARFP Liberia would add the construction of a clinic that would cater to the medical needs of the fishing community and other Liberians in Grand Cape Mount County.


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