Work Resumes on NHA 54 Duplexes

A worker from Access Construction and Engineering Services Inc. begins to roof its units.

Construction work has resumed on the 54 duplexes located within the vicinity of VOA Brewerville, outside Monrovia, the National Housing Authority (NHA) Human Resource Manager and Acting Managing Director has said.

Madam Tonia D. Johnson informed journalists over the weekend that it is the expectation of the NHA that the project will be completed before the January 20, 2019 deadline.

Madam Johnson said the NHA considers the construction of the 54 duplexes as part of the deliverables of President George Weah, who is so passionate about finding a conducive place for the former residents of the Township of West Point on Bushrod Island, who lost their homes due to the erosion, an NHA press release said last Friday.

Madam Johnson said the completion of the 54 duplexes is a priority, and therefore called on the nine Liberian-owned construction companies to accept the challenge to complete the units in time.

Aloysius S. Tiklo, president of Alisa Group of Companies, who responded on behalf of the construction companies, said they are fully prepared to finalize completion works on those units within the scheduled date and expects to receive the last payment from the Ministry of Finance and Development (MFDP), “and once the funds are made available, the companies can promise to complete the job on January 20, 2019.”

“As you can see, we are tackling the beams and casting them to get the roof done and so once we get the money, we can assure you that we will complete hanging of doors and windows Mr. Tiklo said.

Tiklo said like seven of the construction companies, they also want to get the job done in time so that the NHA can always partner with the construction companies in achieving President Weah’s Pro-poor agenda by delivering units that are intended for erosion victims so they will rejoice and celebrate the New Year.

Meanwhile, NHA’s site Engineer Patrick Deline, expressed gratitude because about 85 percent of the project is done, while Cosmos Construction Corporation in particular, had completed the roofing and waiting to hang the windows and doors of its six units.

He said each of the nine construction companies was allowed to build six units, which have made it possible for the job to be done with precision.

James E. Kerkula, supervisor of Access Construction Company, said 90 percent of his company’s job is already done, and is only waiting for the last disbursement from the MFDP to complete its six units.

“Our men are working as you can see and we want to get the job done on our six units and so we hope that the MFDP will, this week, provide us with the last payment according to our arrangement to finish our side of the bargain,” Kerkula told reporters.

John Darmo, Assistant Manager of Moabel Construction Company told journalists that 80 percent of the job is done and waiting for the last payment to finish their portion.

Mr. Deline also echoed the appeal of the construction managers that once the MFDP could release the last money to the contractors as agreed upon, the 108 units (54 duplexes) could be available as part of the achievements of President George Weah.

It can be recalled that former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf initiated the VOA project when erosion displaced hundreds of residents in West Point community.

Through the NHA, the government purchased 12.5 acres of land from Commissioner Soko Wiles, and began the construction of the units, but completed the first phase of the project.

Realizing the government’s commitment to resettle those affected, who were housed in temporary shelters in VOA, President Weah gave his blessing for the second phase to continue, and hoped it could be completed as part of his deliverables to the people, a press release said.


  1. More power to GOL as she tries to complete this project; any word on when the rehab of the Executive Mansion will be completed and the Official Residence will be occupied so we can proudly say “This is the message from the Executive Mansion?


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