Wood Camp Residents Want Dumpsite Removed

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Wood Camp residents have appealed for the removal of a garbage site located at the camp’s main junction in Paynesville because it is hazardous to their health.

The dumpsite is located in front of the former Parker Paint Company.

Wood Camp Community Chairman Jonny Bookai said the residents initially accepted the location of the dumpsite at the junction, but “now we feel that it could create a health hazard for the residents.”

Chairman Bookai wants the Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) Sanitation and Waste Management Department to consider the relocation of the dumpsite.

Residents interviewed including pharmacy and restaurant operators expressed dissatisfaction with the location of the site and want the PCC to do something about it.

They contended that each time the garbage disposal truck and the frontend loader come to clear the garbage, a hole left by their previous scooping up of the rubbish, gets deeper. A look at the site by this reporter, confirmed their report.

They said with only a few weeks to the rainy season, the hole filled with garbage and water could become a death trap for children sent to dispose of garbage at the dumpsite.

“If that hole remains open it will also serve as a breeding ground for air and water borne diseases such as malaria, fever and many others,” said pharmacy operator Patrick Suah.

Suah said pressure should be exerted on the PCC Sanitation and Waste Management Department to relocate the dumpsite.

Restaurant proprietor Caroline Washington claimed that her business is facing serious problems from the increasing flies and mosquitos that come from the dumpsite. She, however, suggested that the garbage should be collected every day.

When contacted Wednesday, an officer at the PCC Public Relations Department said the Solid Waste Management Department had removed the ‘official’ garbage bin from the dumpsite “based on a complaint filed by the management of the Parker Paint Company a few months ago.

We collect the garbage from the dumpsite because residents continue to dump there every day,” he said.

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