‘Women’s Role in Democracy Essential,’ Marayah Fyneah Tells MIA/WA Officers

Deputy Minister for Urban Affairs, Paulita Wie, inducts MIAWA officers into office

“Women are the producers of nations so they should be part of any democratic process in the country,” Mrs. Marayah L. W. M. Fyneah, the administrative officer for the Women Legislative Caucus Secretariat at the Legislature, told officials and members of Women’s Association at the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA/WA) at an induction ceremony on May 25 in Monrovia.

She reminded the newly-inducted leaders, headed by Ms. Atriana N. Sirleaf, of God’s creation bringing woman as man’s mate, recalling from the story of Adam and Eve as recorded in the Book of Genesis.

“The importance of women suggests that they should work together with the men to get things done in the country,” she said, amid cheers. “So, you women at the MIA should be some of the most important persons here.”

Mrs. Fyneah calls on MIA/WA members to work with each other in peace and unity

Mrs. Fyneah said Liberian men cannot do the work of rebuilding the country alone, and therefore need the support of their female counterparts. “I can tell you that the Liberian government needs women more than ever before in its reconstruction effort,” she said.

“So, you women at the MIA should know that you have a job to do,” she said, urging the new leaders that are to run the affairs of the MIA/WA for the next two years to be mindful of their responsibilities to the members in particular and the MIA in general.

She said the role of women demands that they should be involved in all activities that are geared towards the rebuilding of the country, and therefore challenged women to venture into areas in which they can become town chiefs as well as learn other disciplines that in the past had been dominated by men.

“We need to do this because God made man and woman to live together,” she said. She appealed to the women to respect their leaders, who have been inducted into office to run their affairs. She also told them not to fight among each other and whenever there was a problem in the organization they should handle their disagreements as professional and responsible people.

She told them that Liberia is in a new dispensation and therefore all, including women, should do their job as required of them. “The Liberian people need the MIA to continue to bring peace in all their communities,” she said.
In her induction address, Mrs. Atriana N. Sirleaf commended the MIA for encouraging the formation of organizations, to pursue their development and has told her organization’s members that “by electing us as your leaders you must give us your unflinching support.”

She noted that if the MIA was not the only ministry, “it was one of the few ministries that celebrated the reappointment of the minister of the previous government,” and commended President George Weah for that decision.
On the activities of the Women’s Association, she said it would engage in communal farming and endeavor to provide local and international scholarships to its members who will participate in every occasion at the MIA.

Other officers who were inducted into office by Deputy Minister for Urban Affairs Paulita C. C. Wie, were vice president Mrs. Lydia W. McGee, financial secretary, Helena Chea, treasurer, Ms. Etta S. Weazon and chaplain Mrs. Acqualia S. K. Robinson.

Also inducted into office were Ministry of Internal Affairs Drivers’ Association (MIADA) officers Sackie Colman, chief driver, and his assistant Prince Friday Tiankpan.

The last group was the MIA Workers’ Union Association (MIA/WA), whose officers were T. Samuel B. Fayia, president, Mrs. Louise K. Davis-Morris, vice president, Ms. Etta S. Weazon, financial secretary, Mrs. Jarsee Sonii, treasurer and Mrs. Comfort T. Myers, chaplain.


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