Women’s Group Pledges Support to Jones

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A group calling itself ‘Women Seeking for Empowerment’ has pledged support to the Presidential bid of Dr. J. Mills Jones of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) in 2017.

At an elaborate program on Wednesday, December 21, in Fiamah, Sinkor, Mrs. Meme Cephas, founder of the group, said their decision is based on the fact that Dr. Jones’ leadership, as Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia put in place policies that led to the upliftment of thousands of Liberians from economic degradation and financial marginalization.

Mrs. Cephas said Dr. Jones’s leadership at the CBL “was excellent, and he can do more if given the chance in 2017.

“We are supporting you because, we believe you are the only one among all those wishing to be President who can really speak for us and represent our interests.”

Mrs. Cephas, who acknowledged lacking an education, commended Dr. Jones, for being the only solution to problems facing Liberia, if elected.

She said: “Dr. Jones is a man who knows how to find solutions to complex problems, and this is the man Liberia needs now.”

Responding, Dr. Jones thanked the women and described their decision as patriotic and in the interest of the country.

He told them that he and the Movement for Economic Empowerment have hope for Liberia and would guarantee a brighter future for all Liberians irrespective of social, economic, religious, and political background.

He admonished them to love one another first and love their country and noted that the economic empowerment of Liberians is a vision whose time has come.

This message encapsulates whatever action is needed to move Liberia forward and no group of poor people can produce a rich nation, he said.

His statement further solidified his position that Liberians must be prime participants in the country’s economy.

“MOVEE has a leader who has been here with you throughout and has hopes for you and a brighter future for our country. We represent your struggle, change and future. No matter the circumstances, we have and will always be with you too,” Dr. Jones said.

He encouraged the women and all Liberians to dream about a new Liberia with a brighter future, cautioning them not to vote for strangers who will come with empty promises and don’t understand what Liberians are going through.
Dr. Jones pointed out that the decisions they will make in the 2017 elections are very critical to the development of the country therefore they must elect the rightful person for the presidency.

The group also presented to Dr. Jones the party’s (MOVEE) membership forms that were filled in by officials of the organization.


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