Women Warn Student Activist Martin Kollie

Student activist Martin N. Kollie.

One of Liberia’s leading women rights advocates, Madam Hellen Siah-Sayan Momoh, has frowned at student activist Martin Kollie for continuously bullying females, who, she claims, are contributing immensely to the country’s growth and development.

In recent weeks, Activist Kollie has launched a series of social media attacks against some prominent women in society, some of whom are from the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led-Government.

His latest outburst was against Madam Josephine Davies, Inspector General at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

In his criticism, Kollie, in a series of social media posts, accused Madam Davies and a few other women  of making ‘endless’ grammatical errors in their respective social media posts.

However, in response to Kollie, Madam Momoh, in a social media post on Wednesday, October 30, 2019, titled: “Beg to differ with Brother Martin K.N. Kollie,” took serious exception to the student activist’s constant attacks on women; making specific reference to Commerce Inspector General, Davies.

She stated that it is unfortunate for Kollie, who parades himself as a leading student activist, to take to the social media to bully women, “because he is not comfortable with any of them strong political view about national issues.”

“I have suffered insults from men, who have not realized that politics is not the tuft in a particular gender. Such has made a lot of our female friends remain in the back for fear of being shamed. On a serious note, cyber bullying ought to stop if more women ought to get involved with politics,” Madam Momoh said.

She added, “I realized that feminism in Liberia knows a political party, status, and class. I thought it was a broad church of clamoring for the rights of women, for social justice, and a fight against all forms of domination, including cyber bullying. Unfortunately, it has become an elite thing — us versus them.”

She said Kollie should not in any way be bullying women for errors they make on social media, rather he should be encouraging them to be more participatory in national decision-making on grounds that the queen’s language is a “borrowing language.”

“Some of us constantly review notes to gain mastery of it. Even where I sit, I struggle with grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and tenses. I am not a grammar professor; and I have never pretended to be one. In society, we help build each other up when we identify flaws. I am not saying we should not politic or debate, but politics void of humanism is cruelty as with many of the women that Mr. Kollie and others bullied day after day for some grammatical mistakes. They would have done so well by correcting those mistakes via her in-box with difference and love,” she added.

Madam Momoh said that Kollie, though critical, himself has not to be freed from errors, citing a recent communication he wrote to the secretary-general of the United Nations, which have some “grammatical errors and lines of plagiarism.”

These mistakes have confirmed our thesis that all have sinned, and have fallen short of the proper usage of grammar. Hence nobody is the grammar police,” she said.

Madam Momoh, a student at the Harvard University in the United States, called on young people of Liberia to focus on supporting and building each other up, and stops “unnecessary criticisms.”

“Let us all know that politics must not be void of humanism. We know that’s politics, but we should build a community and society by caring for others. Social Justices is also about recognizing the shortcomings of others and reaching out to them in the spirit of love and friendship,” she concluded.

The latest post of Helen Momoh, who is executive director of the Women’s group, “Book before Boys,” has been greeted with mixed reactions with many condemning Kollie for his latest action.


  1. I don’t understand how criticizing grammatical error has yield to bullying or become bullying to start with. There is no place or room for sugar coating in politics and if a female or male put themselves into politics, be ready, the German Shepards will bark everytime you slip or falls because that’s just politics and I don’t think anyone should classified this as bullying on females. Let us not escalate politics into gender crisis because, it is not about gender but the potential of one transforming his or her ideas into reality for everyone to benefit from. One need to sit and think before entering into politics because, nothing will come on a silver platform. Insults and criticisms will be your middle names and if you can’t theses attacks, stay away from politics because, that’s just how it goes.

  2. Joe,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your analysis. I cannot comprehend the connection and it’s my opinion that this is not about protecting the rights of women as claimed in this article. This is an attempt at creating the appearance that Mr. Kollie is against women. This is a political playbook by the CDC to create wedge between Kollie and the women of Liberia for political advantage. I’m disappointed in the so-called “divide and rule “ methods parading our society. This is another paid political campaign. Martin Kollie has always been a vocal advocate for societal change and good governance of our society and now, this criminal regime of Weah is developing all sorts of political methods to silence the people’s advocate. The truth is that we will continue to guide our democracy and remain vocal and engage bad governance in our society.

  3. How much did madame Momoh get for selling her sisters. Do you seriously think someone like Josephine Davis would ever get a secretary job in a decent government? This woman cannot spell, write or speak proper English. Which Civil Service test did she take and where did she take it/? Jamaica resort does not count.

  4. No WOMEN only one woman, Momoh, who got a bag of rice. How come no other woman was quoted. put her photo on the page so we can see how useless this woman is.


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