Women Want Inclusion in Grand Bassa


Women groups from the various districts in Grand Bassa County have recommended their inclusion in decision making on burning issues affecting the county.

The recommendation was contained in a resolution drawn at the close of the All Bassa Women Conference, hosted recently in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County by the Bassa Women Development Association (BAWODA).

The women said their recommendation was due to the past when the Grand Bassa County administration never considered their interests. 

But a source from the administration denied this.

 Speaking to the Daily Observer at the end of the conference, BAWODA’s executive director Madam Martha Flajay-Karnga, said 72 women participated, representing the various women groups in the various districts of Grand Bassa County.

The 72 women represented 720 women who have so far benefitted from basic leadership skills training, funded by the American-Jewish World Service (AJWS) in collaboration with BAWODA.

The participants formulated a network to unite and enable them speak with one voice to address issues affecting women and girls, and especially the usage of the county’s Social Development Fund.

Madam Flajay-Karnga named some of the issues affecting women as the lack of benefits from the development funds, their non-involvement in deliberations of the county’s development agenda and their non-representation in identifying the priority needs of the citizenry.

She, meanwhile, expressed gratitude to the American-Jewish World Service for its unceasing support to BAWODA, which has assisted in the training many women and girls of the county for their sustainability.

Madam Flajay-Karnga also lauded the determination of Bassa women and girls from the various districts to learn and formulate a network and their willingness to make their voice heard in the interest of the county, and their wellbeing.

She advised them not to sit idly, but do something positive to sustain and brighten their future.

She also appealed to Grand Bassa County authorities, headed by Superintendent Etweda Cooper, the county’s Legislative Caucus and other humanitarian groups and individuals for assistance in cash and in kind to facilitate BAWODA’s activities to support women and girls in the county.

For his part, AJWS’ consultant, Dayou Johnson, expressed optimism about BAWOD’s activities and reiterated his organization’s continuous support.


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