The ‘Witchcraft’ Cat, Crucified


As far back as anyone can remember, there have been myths and storytelling about cats believed to have ‘witchcraft’ abilities. And now a small community in Mount Barkley believe they have seen one for themselves.

Cats, like the one pictured above, are held accountable for their actions whenever they ‘misbehave,’ like stealing fish form someone’s pot, or making vulgar sounds in the night while everyone is trying to sleep.

A stray cat that appeared in the community months ago had everyone talking about it in the early mornings because the cat, “always screamed and cried like a real child through the entire night, breaking everyone’s sleep. Day break, you’ll see the cat hiding alongside people’s houses to steal their fish or other food that was left unprotected.” The cat was defined as a ‘witchcraft cat.’

In historic studies, cats are thought to be mysterious creatures with supernatural powers and of course, for some Liberians, they can also be really great pets, or an edible dish served on a platter of pepper sauce and ketchup.

“Yes, we want everyone to see what the cat has done and that cats are bad. People should stop having them around, especially when they are in witch,” stated Boi, who pranced around with a cat nailed on a cross.

Many community dwellers have claimed that whenever the cat comes around, bad things, such as the loss of loved ones, fire outbreaks, etc., happen, “and when you check around, you’ll see the thing (cat) running away. So today, we decided to catch the cat,” Boi added.

Meanwhile, voices of all genders and ages screamed and laughed as the cat was paraded from one community to the next, and later roasted and eaten. Some people even insisted that those that had toyed with the dying cat, whose circulation had been cut off from being tied to the cross, also be punished for touching it.

The fate of the cat was witnessed after the Daily Observer ran across the scene of men, women and children running and laughing behind each other towards a grassy area. There the cat’s neck was broken, snapped back; and then it was doused in what looked like gasoline and set ablaze as people watched.

“Me pah, I can eat cat. Once the cat is dead, all the witchcraft activity is not inside it anymore, so it will be OK for us to eat it when the fire goes down. We will clean it fine, parboil it and you will see,” added an onlooker, who seemed pleased with the remains of the cat as some on lookers walked away.


  1. OMG!!! Education is essential. This is cruelty. Cats today, humans tomorrow? It’s witchcraft, then then you eat it after? Funny, but very sad. May God have mercy on us.

  2. Stories like these will always come for our amusement and often to reinforce our inabilities. Often when we failed to examine happenings around us we blamed the ground ahead of us. And not our inability to observe where we walk and the stump against which we hit our toe (s) when walking.
    We need strong enlightenment to help shape our belief and practices.

  3. These kind of stories are not news worthy and does not in any way reinforce the image of our country. What message is the story meant to convey? That Liberians are cruel, barbaric and eat cats? A pity. Other cultures exist that do similiar or even more horrific things but do not broadcast it online for the world to see. Let’s learn to preserve our dignity.

    • Ms. C; Thanks! You are absolutely right. I and many Liberians are ashamed. I definitely don’t approve of what I’m looking at. NB. Some cats make strange “NOISE”, when in heat and can not find a mate. Even big CATS like LIONS have this behavior. It’s not WITCHCRAFT as some may think. There ought to be a LAW against “ANIMALS CRUELTY” in Liberia.

    • Sorry, but if barbaric acts happen, they should be exposed too. You worry that if people know about something bad, it’ll make the target “look bad”? Then you would be cherry-picking for only stories that are biased to showing only the good side rather than the reality.

      Barbaric acts deserve to be seen as barbaric behaviour. It is what it is, and the only people responsible for how they look are the people who did the act.

      Does that mean the whole country or all of its people or all of their culture is barbaric? Of course not. To properly judge an entity, all things about it should be shown. That includes the good and the bad. Doesn’t matter which country we are talking about, and trying to point out that bad things happen elsewhere does not justify or excuse bad things happening in this country.

      That’s all there is to it.

  4. Ridiculous ….Lets find better things to write about especially during one of our most important elections coming up….

  5. It’s a story like this that will make Liberia a laughing stock, and show how backward we are when it comes to being civilized.

  6. I’am shocked reading such story of animal cruelty, witchcarft and you ate it?
    Rodney and the FronpageAfrica, this is sad. I am opened to support a foundation
    that will advocate for human and animal rights and also educating segments of our society.

  7. This is how far Liberia has gone. No no ambition, no job, no future so people are busy killing cat. Even cats are now threat to the Liberian people. The people are less busy and FPA probably doesn’t have any good story to air. The entire society is less busy so you have funny things going on.

  8. The only real “demons” and “witchcraft activities” that cause “bad things” to happen are those savages who killed that innocent cat; they all deserve to be crucified and set ablaze in exactly the same manner.

  9. Cruelty is so evil to animals of any kind they are not responsible for their actions which are certainly not witchcraft there is no such thing its all in the imagination of ignorant people. Animals do not have rational souls or minds as humans are gifted with and humans should know right from wrong but animals are given instincts and cannot rationalise things so they only act on |God given instinct so humans are more wicked as they know what is right and wrong but cats dont steal they eat to live.


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