Women Lawmakers Take Ebola Awareness to Rural Montserrado

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As though the campaign to create the necessary awareness against Ebola spread was not getting the needed results, the Women Legislative Caucus of Liberia (WLCL) has joined in its effort to further propagate the preventive messages to rural communities in Montserrado County.

Addressing locals in John’s Town in Croizerville and Gate #15 in Lower Montserrado County, Bong County Fuamah District #7 Representative Corpu Barclay stressed the need for Liberians to believe the existence of the virus in the country and abide by the preventive measures.

Rep. Barclay extended condolences to the families, who have lost members to the Ebola virus, adding that the deaths of their relatives should serve as a challenge that would compel them to work with government in making sure that Liberia becomes an Ebola-free society.

The Fuamah District Representative further said that Ebola fight is a national concern and as lawmakers at the 53th National legislature, “We are not picking and choosing that is why we are here today to provide you all the messages that you need to know about the virus.”

She urged residents of the two towns to avoid the eating of bush meat or physical contact as prescribed by health workers.

She told them that thought Ebola is declining gradually; “We must all keep washing our hands until we see the end of Ebola in our country.”

Also speaking, Lofa County District #4 Representative, Mariamu B. Fofana, added that the virus has no cure and it should take women to kick the virus out of Liberia, because they are the ones suffering most from the disease.

Representative Fofana said the spread of Ebola is due to people traveling from one community to another without taking preventive measures into consideration.

According to her, the outbreak of the virus has caused an unfavorable economic situation.

Communities are hugely challenged by the interruption of their cultural practices for example no shaking hands, hugging, bathing, and bathing the dead, she said.

“So, you want to tell us that the Ebola messages being carried on radio people are not still listening,” Rep. Fofana asked.

The Lofa County lawmaker warned residents to be very careful of the virus and not to do away with hands washing.

For her part, Josephine Francis, Representative Montserrado County District #1, said though the virus is decreasing but, “We have to still travel in rural Montserrado Counties with my colleagues to create the awareness.”

Rep. Francis, who distributed the items, she and her colleagues had carried to the two towns, urged residents to go in other villages to inform residents that Ebola is real and can kill.

In separate remarks, the residents lauded the Women Legislative Caucus for the gesture and for taking the preventive messages to their villages.


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