Women Group Wants LWSC’s DMD Suspended


A group of women under the banner, “Liberian Women Forum”, have called on President George Weah to suspend Moseray Momoh, Deputy Managing Director of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC), for his alleged sexual exploitation of a 31-year-old woman, who was only seeking a job for survival.

In a statement yesterday, August 15, 2018, under the signature of the group’s president, Kadi C. Porte, the group condemned in the strongest possible terms the allegation and called for an urgent and speedy investigation of Momoh.

Madam Porte called on President Weah to ensure that the allegation involving an official of his government is investigated and speedily tried, to ensure that justice is done to the victim.

She asked the wife of Momoh to take this matter seriously with her husband, and every female employee of the LWSC, who has fallen victim to Momoh, to come forward.

Madam Porte promised to protect their identities. She added, “Having come a long way in solidifying our peace and democracy, we must not forget to also strengthen our judicial system, to ensure that every Liberian would receive justice, irrespective of status in society or political affiliation.”

The women group’s call came in the awake of a report involving one Theresa, who reportedly went to the headquarters of the governing CDC in Congo Town to put her name on a list as she was told by a friend that the party was collecting names and employing partisans at different government ministries and entities.

Theresa said Momoh questioned her why she was at the headquarters, and she told him that she had gone there to get her name on the job list at which time he told her to meet him for a job offer at his office on Front Street, which she did, carrying her CV.

She said Momoh told her she already had the job and her salary will not be less than US$350 and L$20,000. He also asked her to attend the workshop organized by the entity, to be trained on the job that she will be doing.

According to her, after the three-day workshop, she received a call from the entity to begin work until a position was assigned to her.

Theresa said after a week of going to work, she and others were told by the supervisor to stop going to work until he called them; so she sat at home for a day and, placing a call to Momoh, asked him what was going on. She said he told her to meet him at his office, and when she responded, Momoh reportedly took her to a motel and sexually exploited her.

Meanwhile, the women’s group highlighted a reported gang rape last week involving three fully-grown men, who allegedly raped a 13-year-old girl in Maryland County to death.

The suspects were identified as Alphonso Gaysu, 35, Geekor Matue, 20, and Junior, 30. They allegedly committed the crime on June 28, 2018. Unfortunately, Madam Porte said, the alleged perpetrators are yet to be apprehended and made to face prosecution.


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