Women Give Birth to Strange Creatures in Grand Bassa


Tangible reports gathered by the Daily Observer say that many people have thronged various extraordinary scenes to witness several pregnant women who recently gave birth to what appears to be strange creatures in Grand Bassa County.

The crowds comprised husbands, wives and friends of the victims, as well as onlookers, who got the tip-off of the wide-spread incidents.

Predicated upon the reports that quickly spread across the county, the Daily Observer immediately conducted a survey to verify and authenticate the accuracy of the various extra-ordinary situations.

Arriving at the first scene, the Caring for Tomorrow’s Generation Orphanage in Upper Harlandsville Township, in Neekren Statutory District #5 in Grand Bassa County last week, it was observed that one of the female orphans, 18-year-old Sandra Doe, gave birth to an extraordinary baby girl.

The baby, named Margaret Davis, was born with 4 balloon-like balls at the back of her neck.

At the orphanage, the directress, Madam Dehsaywrene T. C. Colnoe, confirmed the incident and told the Daily Observer that Sandra Doe was accepted at the orphanage at the age of five, as a war-affected child.

Madam Colnoe said they are worried about the condition of the baby, and all efforts for a surgery to save her life had proven futile, as “We do not have the finance for such an emergency,” the directress said.

She is, therefore, appealing to the County Authority, the Legislative caucus, National Government and the international community to help facilitate a surgery in the country or abroad to save the infant’s life. 

In the same township, another pregnant woman, identified as Mamie Droh, gave birth to a strange creature.

A relative of the mother,  John Payne, told the Daily Observer that the baby was born with the nose, mouth and eyes located at the forehead, body round like a ball, the hands like duck feet, without legs.

He said the baby subsequently died and has since been buried, while the mother survived.

At another scene in Plumkor Community, in Fortsville, St. John River City, District #2, a 45-year-old pregnant woman,  identified as U-Mondeh Verdier, gave birth to a ‘lizard,’ a four footed, five toed creature without a real body.

Even though the husband, Oldpa Verdier, was not available for comment,  yet U-Mondeh’s mother, only identified as Wre-say-mah, confirmed the incident.

Madam Wre-say-mah disclosed that her daughter was pregnant for over nine months (the regular period of a pregnant woman) and finally gave birth to a ‘lizard’ –like creature.

She disclosed that her daughter later gave up the ghost after that fateful happening of the strange newborn.   

“The lizard was also buried,” she added.

She attributed the incident to African science and/or witchcraft activities.

In Dennis D. Junius Town, Hoegbah Township, District #2, a 37-year-old woman named Sundaymar Bokoe reportedly gave birth to a strange creature recently.

According to the mother of the victim, Mama Bokoe, the strange creature had a round head like a football, with one string of long gray hair, no nose, mouth, ears, hands, legs neck and or body.

“I thank God that my daughter did not die in child birth, but only the creature that has since been buried,” she narrated in tears.

The victim could not narrate her ordeal for she was still unconscious up to the time of our reporter’s departure. 

Meanwhile, in Hoegbahn Township, an 18-year-old girl named Naydoe Myers gave birth to what some eyewitnesses described as a “ginii,” on April 16, 2014.

Last week, another teenage girl, Nyonnie Boe delivered before the regular nine months (pre-maturely) and brought forth a “gini”-like baby in Buchanan.

According to the relative of the victim, only called Zoe, the creature had two faces, one in the front and other in the back.

“The creature also had two left feet, no hands, neck, ears, nose and only the right eye placed at the back of the head,” she added.

She pointed out that after 5 minutes, the baby died and was buried.


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