Woman, Stabbed by Jilted Lover, Survives Ordeal

Redemption Hospital, New Kru Town

By David A. Yates & Robin Dopoe

A Sierra Leonean national only identified as Jerry, 30, was apprehended by officers of the Liberian National Police (LNP) shortly after he reportedly stabbed his lover in the stomach with a kitchen knife in the densely populated community of Duala, Bushrod Island, onthe outskirts Monrovia.

According to the LNP, the incident occurred early Wednesday in the Duala Market, opposite the St. Mary’s Catholic School while the victim, identified as Naomi, was on her way to the market.

Outside of the Redemption Hospital, Police control angry residents from taking the law into their own hands

Eyewitnesses told the Daily Observer that suspect Jerry had earlier accused Naomi of ‘cheating’ on him in their 15-year relationship that is blessed with two children.

An eyewitness explained that Jerry assaulted Naomi on January 1, this year; and as a result of the assault, she fled their Karnga Building residence in Duala to her family in the St. Paul Bridge community, where she was temporarily staying.

According to the eyewitness, Naomi had been feeling unwell since she was physically assaulted by Jerry on January 1. “She can only come on the table to sell,” eyewitnesses, who said she sold cosmetics near them, explained.

“But this morning, when he came with his family people to apologize to her, Naomi refused; and I think because of that he punched and kicked her… I looked at her and she was crying, saying ‘oooo my stomach….your please come for me.’ As I got there, her intestine was already outside,” said Menatu Kromah, Naomi’s neighbor and who also sells near table.

Menatu added: “She went straight into a coma. After we got her to Redemption Hospital, the nurses immediately called for two pints of blood. But, thank God, she is now breathing. We thought she was not going to survive,” he said.
One of the nurses who spoke to the Daily Observer said the suspect plunged the knife into Naomi’s back and stomach and almost succeeded in killing her, “but fortunately, as of yesterday, her condition has since stabilized.”


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