Woman, Late 40s Allegedly Commits Suicide


The West Bank Community in Paynesville City was a scene of grief and disbelief when the residents woke up early Wednesday, August 16, 2020, to the death news of Madam Gomah Johnson, who allegedly committed suicide.

Suicide is the act of intentionally taking one’s own life. 

The Daily Observer has not been able to independently establish whether she committed the act in the absence of a forensic investigation by the Liberian National Police (LNP).

Madam Johnson, believed to be in her late forties, according to family members, is a mother of six living children, the youngest of them aged fifteen.

Flomo Johnson, a relative, said Gomah lived in Lofa County with five of her children but traveled to Montserrado County in July to pay a visit to her last-born, who stays with a family member in the West Bank Community.

He said the relative who the deceased was visiting with left the house to go for a nursing affiliation in Kakata, Margibi County and Madam Johnson was left with the two children in the house.

Christian Johnson, a nephew of the deceased told Daily Observer that said he was informed by one of his aunts around 5:45 a.m. Wednesday morning, September 16, that his aunt had committed suicide for an unknown reason.

He said when he arrived on the since; he called the Liberia National Police to conduct a forensic investigation before turning the body over for burial.

Mr. Johnson said he cannot speak to why his aunt committed the act because it is best known to her adding that, “she is already dead so we all do not know.”

Komassah Johnson, age 15, the youngest daughter of the deceased, told the Observer that, while her mother was visiting with them, she usually slept with her mother and a child who is six years old in their house.

“Last night we were at the house. After we got through eating food that was sent by a next-door neighbor, my ma told me, ‘Komassah, do not sleep here oh, if you sleep here they will kill you tonight.’ Then I asked her who will kill me, but she did not call the people’s name to me, so I went to sleep at a friend’s house. It was she and my brother who slept in the house,” she narrated.

Komassah explained that “after my brother woke up, he saw my mother hanging, that was how he went to call our aunt so they called the police people.”

She said her mother’s death is a complete shock, calling on the government and other partners to help her further her education. Komassah said she is a 4th grade student who dropped last academic year due to tuition.

“I was going to school but because my family could not afford to pay my fees, I dropped from school but I really want to go back to school and get a good future,” she said.

Deacon Matthew Moore, Chairman of West Bank Community, in an interview said he was informed early morning that a resident had committed suicide in block C.

He said when the police arrived at the crime since to conduct their investigation; they asked him to take hold of the children until the final examination is done.

The chairman said he had not spoken with the Madam Johnson before her death but only met her corpse hanging in the home where she was visiting, adding that such a thing has not occurred in the community before.



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