Woman Admits Poisoning Boyfriend in Grand Bassa


By Folo-Glagba Korkollie

Credible news from Buchanan reports that a woman, identified only as Martha, early last week allegedly poisoned her boyfriend, Ernest Wrajay, who was 70 years old.

Having reportedly consumed potato greens mixed with poison, prepared by Martha, Wrajay was rushed to the Government Hospital in Buchanan where he was later pronounced dead by doctors.

The incident took place at a small settlement called Breadfruit Village, outside Buchanan City, in Grand Bassa County.

The discovery that poison was mixed in the victim’s food was unearthed during a family meeting in Breadfruit Village, said Ms. Margonie Wrajay, a daughter of the victim.

“I knew about the poison business when my father was severely sick, and he told me that he ate potato greens at Martha’s house,” she said.

She also said her father, on many occasions, ate food that Martha prepared and she accused Martha of his death.

She said her father had built a four-bedroom zinc house in the village and Martha had demanded that her daughter (Hannah) be given the bigger room, which Ernest Wrajay refused.

“If I want to help your outside daughter, I will give her one of the small rooms where she and her boyfriend can live in,” Margonie quoted her father as having told Martha.

When the village dwellers questioned Martha about the assertion from Wrajay’s daughter, she admitted to the narrative and begged for forgiveness.

During the funeral of Ernest Wrajay, held at the True Hope Temple Church in Josiah Junius Town, a heavy rainstorm disrupted the service.

Delivering the discourse, the Presiding Elder of the Monrovia District of the church, Rev. Alphanso Willie, encouraged the family and other mourners to take solace in the Lord Jesus Christ as the only redeemer of mankind.


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