Woman Accused of Having Poisonous Substance


A woman in her 20s, accused by Caldwell dwellers of having a poisonous substance, was detained by police on August 11.

Meima Zack of the West Point Community was "rescued" by Zone 7 Base Police officers in the Caldwell community at about 3 p.m.

According to officer Bitee N. Williams at the Zone 7 Base, she was picked up after officers received a call that Meima was being mobbed because of suspected "poisonous" snacks.

"The suspect is not under arrest, and is just here until we can identify her family. We had to go and rescue her after residents saw her in their community with a black plastic bag.

"The people thought that she looked suspicious after they opened the plastic and saw stick candy (lollipops) and cookies inside. After she refused to eat it, they jumped on her," Officer Williams added.

According to Pastor Maxwell, who first came in contact with Meima, she claimed to have been looking for a room to rent in Caldwell but was told by the pastor that he had no available rooms.

"I told her that we weren't renting any rooms while my wife gave her water to drink,” the pastor said.  “We then showed her to the next yard that had an empty room. She only appeared confused when I last saw her.”

Some have suggested that the woman has a mental disorder because of her inability to communicate and identify herself.  She wore a white tank-top with a grey t-shirt which she converted to skirt.  Her hair was short and uncombed.

Also, the man who discovered Meima sitting on Maxwell’s neighbors’ porch noticed her strange appearance and asked for  her identity and about the contents of the plastic. The man has requested to remain unnamed.

"I started walking behind her after she acted like she wanted to go. She pointed to another house, suggesting that she had people there.  But when the people of that house denied knowing her, that's when other people came around and started investigating her and saw that she had candy and biscuits in her bag. We told her to eat the candy and biscuits and she refused! Why should she refuse?" He questioned.

Meanwhile, Officer Williams said that officers at their depot tested the candy and cookies by eating them, along with Meima, too.


"No poison is inside,” the officer explained. “We just have her here for her safety and to keep her from the crowd. Officers tasted the biscuits and candy and there was nothing poisonous inside them.  Meima hasn't been able to give us her address or the names of any living relatives.  She seems a bit off track, but is not under arrest."


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