Woman, 90, Writes Prez. Weah to Help Secure Her Property

Resisting Justice Ja'neh from taking over her property, 90 year-Old Annie Constance also has beef with Chief Justice Francis Korkpor

Mrs. Annie Constance, 90, a widow whose property a Supreme Court’s opinion (judgment) placed in possession of one of its justices Kabineh Ja’neh, has written President George Weah, requesting for his intervention to get her property back.

The property is situated on a 0.54 lot of land, along with houses, on Russell Avenue, Saye-Town Community, Sinkor, in Monrovia.

Justice Ja’neh has claimed that he bought the property from one of Madam Constance’s children, John Nyema Constance, in 1997. John Nyema Constance died in 1998. Justice Ja’neh’s argument is that the Supreme Court on October 12, 2017, made a judgment that endorsed his ownership, after Constance’s lawyer, Lawrence Yeakula, abandoned the matter.

The Supreme Court’s judgment then mandated the Civil Law Court at the Temple of Justice, which first handled the matter, to ensure that Madam Constance and her children are evicted from the property, to give way for Justice Ja’neh’s immediate takeover.

It was based on such a development that old lady Constance decided to write, requesting for President Weah’s intervention into the matter.

Constance’s letter, dated May 30, 2018, and received by President Weah’s office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with a copy in the possession of the Daily Observer, pleaded with President Weah that, “Presently as we speak we have been evicted from our land by Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh, because, according to the justice, he bought it from one of my children, Mr. John Nyema Constance, deceased since 1998.

“Mr. President that portion of the land with the house is where I have been getting my income to sustain my family. This is why I am kindly asking for your intervention for me to secure my property.”

Giving a synopsis of the case to President Weah, Constance explained that the alleged transaction between her son and Justice Ja’neh was not to her knowledge. “The parcel of land was bought by my husband, John Nyema Constance Sr. (deceased), in 1951 and I have all the relevant documents to substantiate my legal possession. I was not given the opportunity to prove my legitimate ownership,” the letter noted.


  1. I will not personally evict a very old lady from her habitual dwelling place no matter how legally i own the place. OK assuming her son sold the place to Janeh (assuming here he had the authority to do so in the first place).
    Can’t Janeh see from a normative ethical point of view that this is disturbing ? What will such little piece of land do for you ? Don’t you see this demages your reputation as a high standing individual in society? I do firmly believe you have money enough to buy ten times the land in question. Is this some kind of legal doctrine/principle you want to fulfill ? Can’t you see you sit at the very top where this case should go ? You are judicially disqualified (recused) from handling such a case, why won’t you consider these factors and let go ? why make a vanity headline for the sake of a mundane possession of little value? Don’t you see such headlines cause people to hate you?

    Let the old lady have the land, you are too big for this !

  2. It is true that Ja’neh can buy other properties, I am not too sure if the 90 years old Madam Constance is really fighting back. It is one of her children that is behind the whole piece of land case. If Ja’neh knows that it is only the old lady, I am sure he would let go it but one of her young children is behind it. I could be wrong, but look at it critically.

  3. Regardless of whether another child is behind this or not, Steve, I too think Justice Ja’neh should save face by swallowing that loss. Justice Ja’neh, please have some empathy and compassion for Madam Constance who claims she had no knowledge of her now deceased son selling the land.

  4. “Buyers, beware.” Ja’neh seems to be the trespasser. He allegedly bought the land from the son(allegedly in 1997, 46 years later) who is not the rightful owner, and unknown to the rightful owner, his mother, who still has in her possession the original deed and other pertinent documents appertaining to same.

    ” The parcel of land was bought by my husband, John Nyema Constance Sr. (deceased), in 1951 and I have all the relevant documents to substantiate my legal possession. I was not given the opportunity to prove my legitimate ownership,” the letter noted.” Please Justice Janeh do not take advantage of this old lady.

  5. Your honor, Justice Kabineh Ja’neh, I sincerely request you — beg and hold your honorable feet — to please let this one go, and let 90 year old Mrs. Annie Constance remain on her property. I don’t think that any one is questioning the rightness of your cause, given your high status as a Supreme Court justice. But, in this case, given the age of Mrs. Constance and her admission that this is the only primary source of her livelihood, I beg that you let moral considerations trump legal ones. She could be your and/or my grand mother. How would either of us under such circumstances permit/endorse the eviction of this gently old lady.

    I further request His Excellency president George Mannah Weah to please intervene for moral reasons to have Mrs. Constance remain on her property. I pray and trust, Justice Je’neh, that you will think over this issue very carefully and grant our request to have Mrs. Constance remain on her property. Thanks in advance for considering our request.

  6. Comment:These guys are so heartless and Janeh who happen to know the law good did not buy the land from the legitimate owner and so let him leave the old wiman

  7. Honorable Ja’neh, what shall it profit you to gain the whole world and lose your soul. I am sure it is written also in the Quaran that you believe in my fellow Liberian.
    This situation is too little for the President and this is not a good path. This case will stop right in the front of Ja’neh. Let this old lady get back her land, legally she is the rightful owner of her property.
    The lesson learned; we have to be Honest in dealing with our fellow humans. Nowadays in Liberia too much of dishonesties are going on from the families in homes to the greater part of society.
    Deceits, Lies, Cheats and killings and Stealing continued to go unabated. Common logic dictates that for an inheritance of a property, the owner must give it to you through will, and mostly from parents, it has to come from death. The old lady is still living and there is no need for Ja’neh to have legal rights over this land. The owner is alive and she needs to have her property.
    People are too greedy and selfish that they can even kill their fellow man just for properties and land. That child had no right to sell that property to you Sir, without the approval and knowledge of the rightful owner.
    The President will have to play a low key and send that case over to the Justice minister for an amicable solution.
    Mr. President it is about time that these little situations should not reach your offices , but to the rightful public institutions. They must be handled with integrity and Honesty.

  8. Please Liberia let us not go back to the past,after these many years of trying to once again put the county. On a good footing. Liberian all over the world is watching what taking place.It is time to move ahead and put the country FIRST!!!


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