Woman, 84, Seeks Property Justice


An eighty-four year old woman, Eva Mae Caulker, who sought to evict a man identified as Musa Turay from her property in Monrovia, has expressed disappointment about the manner in which the Civil Law Court is handling her case.

Madam Caulker is the administrator of the interstate of her late sister Dorothy Harriet Musuleng Cooper, Liberia’s first female Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The property consists of two lots of land situated at the Oldest Congo Town.

Madam Caulker’s lawyers on August 6, 2015, filed an Action of Ejection against Turay, alleging that the defendant without any color of right whatsoever encroached and illegally occupied a portion of her premises contrary to her will, consent and knowledge.

Her complaint further claimed that she is rightfully entitled to the possession of her premises and as such, she has the right to bring the action of ejection against the defendant, who wrongfully withheld her possession.

However, Madam Caulker told the Daily Observer that since then she had been going back and forth and she cannot get any redress from the court.

“The court on several occasions invited Turay but he had never appeared before it,” the 84 year-old widow, said.

She said she was asked by the court to publish a writ of summons in four newspapers, which she did.

“I paid US$600 for those publications and yet he has not been brought before the court,” Madam Caulker told this newspaper, “I am frustrated and I’m just waiting for whatsoever they would do now.”

According to her, since August 2015, her case has been handled by three judges, “Judge Jussif Kaba, heard it and couldn’t complete it, and was replaced with Judge Peter Gbeneweleneh who also failed to handle it and again was replaced.”

Besides, she alleged that Magistrate Nelson Chineh of the Paynesville Magisterial Court ruled in her favor after she was sued by Turay for criminal trespass and theft of property.

“I won him in that court before I sued him at the Civil Law Court for ejection,” Madam Caulker said.

A court document in possession of the Daily Observer, establishing Madam Caulker’s claim, reads, “It is the holding of this court that the defendant’s application seeking the dismissal of the crime is hereby granted.”

She prayed that the justices will grant her the justice she seeks to have peace of mind in her twilight years.


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