Woman, 75, Dies in Fire

The end result of the fire.

It was a dismal scene yesterday on the SKD Boulevard in Congo Town for those who stood outside and witnessed a two bedroom apartment engulfed in flames, resulting in the death of a 75-year-old woman.

Grandma Kaibeh met her untimely demise early Tuesday in the fire that gutted the building. According to eyewitnesses, she was burnt beyond recognition.

Other accounts said seven occupants, including the deceased’s daughter and three grandchildren and three other renters, escaped the fire unharmed, but Madam Kaibeh could not make her way out of the building because she was visually impaired.

Kaibeh’s granddaughter (not named) said the fire, which started from the deceased’s room, was reportedly caused by a mosquito coil that fell onto the floor mat while the occupants were sound asleep.

Residents of the community prevented two nearby structures from being gutted by the raging flames.

Firefighters from the Liberia National Fire Service responded to the incident, while a few officers from the Liberian National Police were also attracted to the scene. Officers of the two agencies said they could not speak to the press because they were not authorized to do so.

The victims, who lost everything in the fire, are currently displaced and are appealing for assistance from any well meaning people or institutions.

Family members with the help of other residents collected the remains of Madam Kaibeh for burial amid wailing from women in the neighborhood and the deceased’s grandchildren.


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