Woman, 43, Robbed in Thinkers Village


The home of Mrs. Saturdayma Dwah, 43, of Bassa Town near Thinkers Village on the Robertsfield Highway was reportedly invaded by a man believed to be in his thirties, last Sunday. The suspect robbed her of a Nokia phone valued at US$45 and L$200.

In an interview with the Daily Observer, Mrs. Dwah alleged that the criminal whose identity she doesn’t recognize, forcibly opened the front door of her house and made his way into her room with a cutlass said to be her own cutlass which he took from behind the door.

“He raised the cutlass,” she said, “and threatened to kill me if I failed to comply with his wishes which included my silence and giving him money and valuables.”

As a result, she said she gave him her Nokia cellphone, and her small cash of L$200.

Mrs. Dwah said the alleged criminal took her by surprise at 4 p.m., the time she claimed everyone was away from her residence. “I was having an afternoon rest,” Mrs. Dwah explained, “having worked around my house which is still undergoing construction.”

She alleged that the suspect hit her with the cutlass before he escaped.

Meanwhile, she said the case was reported at the Zone 8 Depot 1 station.

She expressed fear for her safety and appealed to the depot officers to ensure that residents live in peace.

Neighbors told the Daily Observer that the incident has caused fear in the community because they suspect that there are criminal elements in their midst including the person responsible for what happened to Mrs. Dwah.

“As United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) finally turns over its security operations to the Liberian government,” a resident said, “more needs to be done in order to maintain peace and keep the country safe.”


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