Woman, 36, Jailed for Disappearance of 6-Month-old Baby

Defendant Siah Kotie on her way to jail

The Temple of Justice was on Friday a scene of shock and disbelief when a woman identified as Siah Kotie was sent to the Monrovia Central Prison in connection with the disappearance of six-month-old Joshua Raynes.

Kotie was sent to jail by the Monrovia City Court to await her trial on multiple counts including kidnapping, recklessly endangering another person’s life, interference with custody and felonious restraint.

At Friday’s hearing, Siah’s six-week-old baby was subsequently turned over to the Ministry of Justice for custody, while she was on her way to jail.

Defendant Siah Kotie’s six week old baby being taken into protective care by MOJ staff

The alleged crimes for which she is being tried occurred on October 21 in Caldwell, outside Monrovia, according to police records. Police alleged that during investigations, defendant Siah explained that on October 21, she visited her play daughter, Fatu Paye, a trader on Caldwell Road.

The defendant said when she was about to go home, she asked Fatu to let her take her son to her house.

According to the Liberia National Police (LNP), Siah’s intention was to have the child spend some time with her.

Siah said after receiving the child from his mother and was on her way home, a woman reportedly intercepted her and asked for the child, saying she was sent by the child’s grandmother.

The defendant said when the woman mentioned the child’s grandmother and mother she was convinced that she was indeed sent by the grandmother; and without contacting the child’s mother, she handed the boy over to the woman, who took him away.

Fatu in her complaint claimed that Siah asked her to take the child home to take care of him while she was busy selling her produce.

Fatu claimed further that when she was finished selling for the day, she went to collect her child, “But to my surprise, Siah told me that an unknown woman went to her and called my name and his father’s name and said his grandmother sent her to get the child.”


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