Woman, 32, Assaulted in Acheke

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Welekemah Barclay, 32, a mother of two, who resides in Pipeline Community in Paynesville, was violently assaulted by two men who claimed she was a rogue. The incident took place on Wednesday, March 16 at Acheke Community, her brother Yarkpai Keller told the Daily Observer in an interview yesterday.

He said Ms. Barclay suffered deep bruises on her body, and indicated that his sister, who was not a rogue as the men claimed, was tortured severely leaving her right arm dislocated from its joint.

Mr. Keller explained further that his sister’s left leg was hit so badly that it was broken in two places when she was finally found by the family.

He explained: “My sister suffers from Open-Mole and her husband was carrying her to a church on Duport Road that day.

“On the way in her husband’s vehicle she complained that she felt insecure going to the church alone without her mother. So the husband decided to turn around and return to the house for her mother and therefore he stopped the vehicle.

“It was at that moment that she got down from the car and ran away. She disappeared in Acheke Community and every effort to find her was fruitless.”

He said his sister was found the next day, which was Thursday morning, March 17, after the family mounted searches in the community.

“During the search, her elder sister Mrs. Oretha Momo, saw a group of people at a particular location and when she went closer, she found that it was her sister that we had been looking for with bruises and blood on her,” Mr. Keller said.

Meanwhile the case was reported to Zone Nine Police Depot 3 on Pipeline Road. He said that of the two men who assaulted his sister, one was arrested and the other, a PSU officer, is still at large.


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