Woman, 31, Burns Stepson With Boiled Water for Stealing


A 31-year old woman has been detained at the Karnplay Police Detail for allegedly burning her 9-year old stepson for reportedly stealing her L$200.

According to the local radio station, the perpetrator, Ms. Mercy Varmie on Sunday, January 31, 2021 accused her stepson identified as Zoegbay of taking away her L$200.

In response to the allegation, Mercy Varmie reportedly set water on the fire to boil and forced the child’s hands into it.

The boy, reports said, forcibly pulled his hands from her hands and decided to run away. But while running, she took the boiled water and flashed it on his back, leaving him seriously burned.

The community chairperson, Thomas Karn, described the wound as very severe and terrible, saying, “the boy’s back skin left on his shirt, when the shirt was taken off.”

“The woman is wicked and we will not allow her to live in the community anymore and even other communities around Karnplay,” he said.

“What is L$200 that you have waste boiled water on a child back, leaving him to sustain serious burning like this,” he wondered.

When the incident occurred, the community dwellers arrested the situation and took the child to the nearby clinic and later called law enforcement officers for her arrest.

“If we had not gone there she would have killed the boy or the boy would have died instantly,” Mr. Karn said. “Imagine, the boy entire skin on the back burnt until the skin left on his shirt on him.”

When contacted, the lady admitted but expressed regret for the incident, pleading for pardon.

“I was trying to discipline the boy because he is always involved in stealing activities from the time he was brought to me by my boyfriend,” she said.

The little boy was brought to the lady by her boyfriend from another community in the Buu–Yao Administrative District.

The boy, in a very low tone, denied stealing any money as it was alleged by the woman, saying, the lady is always in the habit of lying on him whenever something is missing from the house.

The lady is said to have been taken into police custody awaiting court trial while the victim is seeking treatment at the local clinic in Karnplay.

In issue of domestic violence against children is becoming common in Nimba County. In October last year, police arrested a young lady in the Hope Village Community of Ganta for gashing her younger niece with a new razor blade for cutting her son’s hair.


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