Woman, 26, Charged with Rape


Marion Zorh, a married woman accused of manufacturing an artificial male organ to have sex with a 14 year-old girl (name withheld) was on Friday forwarded to the Monrovia City Court for statutory rape.

The incident took place on January 17 in the James Spring Payne Airfield Community, in Monrovia, according to the Women and Children Protection of the Liberia National Police (LNP).

The Court document said Madam Zorh denied having any knowledge of the allegation against her, but police argued that they charged her based on the outcome of their investigations, including medical report from the Duport Road Clinic.

When the defendant appeared at the court on Friday she maintained her claim of innocence but was sent to the Monrovia Central Prison because statutory rape is a non-bailable offense under the new rape law. The case will be held at the Criminal Court E.

According to police, the incident took place on Sunday, January 17, at about 10p.m., when the victim said she went to watch a movie (video) at the defendant’s house.

Defendant Zorh sent the victim to her bedroom to prepare her baby’s food, police said. The girl alleged that she was preparing the food when defendant Zorh offered her a cup of juice.

She said, when she drank the substance she felt dizzy and fell asleep. Zorh’s victim claimed that when she woke up she observed her underpants were soaked with blood.

The victim alleged that Zorh showed her two artificial cream-colored male sexual organs, “one big size and the other a small size joined together.”

According to her, the defendant explained to her that she used the false male sexual organs to have sex with her.
Police also quoted the victim, saying, “The defendant also told me to join them and later gave me L$400 for me to buy medicine and pads.”

The victim alleged that she explained what had happened to one of her friends, identified as Naomie Wilson, who also lives with the defendant.

According to court documents, Zorh denied the allegation, but admitted that the victim usually came to her house to watch movies and she remembered asking her to change her baby diapers and feeding the baby.

Zorh also admitted giving the victim L$160 to buy cold water and food and not L$400 to buy medicine and pad, as the victim alleged.

Police said they meanwhile charged defendant Zorh on statutory rape based on several factors, including her age, 26, and the victim’s age 14, according to witnesses’ statements and her own statement.

“Medical report revealed that the victim’s hymen has healed laceration,” police quoted the Duport Road Clinic report, adding, “Because of that the investigation has resolved to charge defendant Zorh with statutory rape in violation of section 14.70 (a), (ii) and (b) of the New Rape Law of Liberia.”


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