Woman, 20, Charged with Armed Robbery


    A 20-year-old lady, accused of supporting two men in robbing the Old Road residence of Madam Amie Lamin on Thursday, March 13, appeared at the Monrovia City Court, where she is expected to stand trial for “armed robbery.”

    Along with her, two other women, Teta Fofana and Tonia Stone, known as “Pigie,” were both charged with criminal facilitation by the Liberia National Police.

    Police said, they were arrested and charged, following an extensive search of the area, where suspects Figo and Muenay robbed Lamin and her family of several items, valued at over US$1,500.

    The whereabouts of suspects Figo and Muenay are unknown, according to police.

    The defendants, however, admitted that one of the suspects, Muenay was their cousin, but denied having anything to do with the crime.

    They said that Muenay keeps his clothes at one of the defendants (Tonia Stone’s) house, in the area where the crime was committed.

    But, the defendants’ denial was strongly resisted by another victim, Solomon Senwah, who claimed that he recognized the voice of defendant Teta outside of their fence, helping the suspects take the stolen items away, according to the police.

    At Thursday’s hearing, defendant Morris was sent to the Monrovia Central Prison, where she will remain until her trial commences; the crime is a nonbailable offense.

    Unfortunately, the two co-defendants, Fofana and Stone were also sent to similar cell; apparently there was no lawyer to tender a bail bond for their immediately release, their alleged crime being bailable.

    Their accuser, Madam Lamin alleged that while she and her family were asleep during the early hours of March 3, some unknown persons broke into her place and held them at “knife point,” making away with items valued over US$1,500.

    According to her, the robbers threatened to kill, if they attempted screaming for help from other residents.

    During his testimony, Police said Solomon Senwah, explained while he was asleep he heard someone screaming in the house and he immediately woke up.

    After that, he saw two men, armed with cutlasses and knives, identifying them as “Figo and Muenay.”

    He said, the suspects lived in the next door with the defendants.

    According to him, when he attempted to shout, Figo stood over him with a cutlass and warned him, if he dared to talk he would kill him.

    He then kept silent and Figo took his flip top cell-phone valued as US$75.

    He said, Figo left his room and went to Madam Lamin’s room, leaving Muenay standing over him.

    Before, the suspects could attack their homes, Senwah alleged, defendant Decontee took suspect Figo to draw water from a hand-pump situated in their yard.

    Senwah said that after the incident, he saw the defendants alone with the suspects, while they were escaping the area that morning.


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