Woman, 2 Officers Assaulted at Police Depot

Officer Wenyou receiving treatment at a local health center

Two police officers and a woman were allegedly assaulted last Tuesday night by men believed to be members of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) at the Soul Clinic Police Depot in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

The victims were identified as Patrolmen David Wenyou and Andrew Saye, and one Mrs. Betty Cisco.

Wenyou suffered injuries and cuts to his head and hands. Although Saye’s injuries could not be determined, Mrs. Cisco, however, had several bruises on her arm.

Recounting their ordeal, officer Wenyou said he was on a phone conversation when he saw several men in military uniforms approaching the depot.

He said one of the men ordered him to produce a military uniform that police officers from the depot took into their possession when they raided several ghettoes (drug using and dealing dens) in the area on April 13.

Wenyou said he told the “AFL” officer that his commander had sent the uniform to LNP headquarters, but the man insisted that he wanted the uniform at any cost.

He said it was at that point the “AFL” men started to assault him and his officer friend Andrew Saye. Wenyou said their attackers made away with four cellphones and cash in the amounts of US$250 and L$12,000, and that the cellphones included a CA Techno.

Mrs. Cisco said the men assaulted her when they saw her making a phone call which they misjudged as her reporting the incident. “I came out from my house to make a call,” she said. “I did not know what was going on so I was not calling to report to anyone.”

Meanwhile, the officers are being treated at two hospitals in Monrovia and authorities of the AFL and the Liberia National Police (LNP) are investigating the incident.

Police Spokesman Sam Collins told reporters that the matter is being investigated and appropriate action will be taken against those found responsible for the assault on the officers and Mrs. Cisco.


  1. The action of those criminals who claimed to be AFL offcers is dangerous and not in theinterest of peace that we are yarning for.The GOL authorities that are cloth with the authority should take appropriate action so that such will not be repeated.The action of the AFL officers undermined the training that qualified them to be on the National and International path.

  2. When a police depot, and an innocent bystander like Mrs Betty Cisco are attacked, unquestionably, public safety is undermined.
    Under the same token, we have in previous posts to other police – related stories noted the penchant for dragnet – law enforcement, which is random raiding of marginalized communities for unspecified policing objectives.

    Usually residents in these poverty – ridden areas see these raids as excuses by police officers to seize their properties. The existence of such perception obviously defeats LNP’s desire to regain the confidence and cooperation of these communities in law enforcement aims and ends. We aren’t saying that officers shouldn’t carry out policing tasks, but care must be taken for lawful police actions to not be misconstrued as harassment, and so on.

    So rather than the usual in – house investigations, this case deserves a full Security Sector enquiry to take into consideration all facets of this incident. We don’t want to see armed men, AFL or not, attacking a police deport tomorrow, especially, during electioneering.

  3. All front desk supervisors or officers in charged of the entrance where people do signed in should be armed , and this goes for all station houses . The son of the President who as head of the NSA found it necessary to give a pistol to the son of the Defense Minister claiming he is in fear of his life from some unknown reason . And front desk supervisors or officers of LNP should just sit as unarmed secretary to answer questions and take phone calls ? If those officers were armed , then it could have been the alleged AFL sitting in the hospital by now . The front desk officer is the front line defence for all station houses , and they should be armed at all times . No matter how much training they received , they still will not get it right . All the bosses have the assigned station house weapons on them when they leave or away visiting , leaving the station houses unprotected as some kind of sitting ducks or punching bags .


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