Wolokolie Declares Support for June 7 Protest


A former member of the House of Representatives, Dusty Wolokolie, has announced his support for the planned June 7 “peaceful protests” in Monrovia.

Mr. Wolokolie, who spoke to the Daily Observer in an exclusive interview on Thursday, May 30, 2019, said as a concerned private citizen, he has on several occasions made “frantic efforts” to get President Weah to speak to his people in plain simple Liberian English, and assure them of his genuine commitment to address their pressing concerns relatives to the country’s economic woes.

But rather than addressing the concerns of the people, according to Wolokolie, President Weah has instead chosen to protect what he called “sacred cows” around him at the expense of his seventeen-month-old regime.

He added, “You do not need to be a rocket scientist to discern that the speech was written by Finance Minister Samuel Tweah, the one at the center of the US$25 million impropriety.

Mr. Wolokolie: “President Weah made a huge mistake by airing a prerecorded speech pretending to have been actively addressing the nation, while he was visiting on going projects around Monrovia. Such action conveys to the public, a distinct impression that the President is out of touch with reality, and virtually oblivious to the very difficult conditions of life which is of major concern to the Liberian people.”

It is such demonstrated lack of concern, which according to Wolokolie, informed his decision to publicly declare his support for the planned June 7 “peaceful protest.”

According to him, he has called on President Weah to respect the rights of the people to peaceful assembly either on Capitol Hill, the citadel of power or anywhere they may deemed necessary for the protest.

Mr. Wolokollie has therefore urged the country’s security apparatuses to accord protection to the protesters as they exercise their right to peaceful assembly on June 7.


  1. Dusty, what is wrong with you? You of all people dare support A PROTEST based on such very stupid demands as dismissals of two public officials who were or are not rendered culpable by any investigating or auditing authority, and have neither been indicted nor proven guilty in a court of law in a country which upholds the presumption of innocence?

    Were these the silly demands we made during our confrontations with the TWP tyranny and semi apartheid regime in this country in the 70s and 80s and even in the 90s until you so called progressives became SELL-OUTS to that corrupt Ellen Johnson Sirleaf? But if you people could become SELL-OUTS, one should not be surprised about you declaring support for such silly protest.

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