Woewiyu’s Guilty Verdict Challenged

Jucontee Thomas Woewiyu

Lawyers representing the legal interest of Jucontee Thomas Smith Woewiyu who was found guilty by Jurors of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Court on Wednesday, July 4, are now looking at the possibility of challenging the verdict at the United States Supreme Court.

But, this would only happen, if Woweiyu were to authorize and perfect an Appeal Bond, which would then enable his lawyers to Appeal the Pennsylvania Court verdict.

They argue  that many things went wrong during the trial.

Meanwhile, the verdict stands and the imposed sentence stands until otherwise ordered by a Higher Court in the United States of America.

Woewiyu was found guilty on 11 Counts related to War Crimes in Liberia and not found guilty of 5 Counts related to his false information provided in his Immigration Filing, the jury verdict disclosed.

During Sentencing, he risked being jailed for 110 Years and fined US$4 million.

He will be under House Arrest, which he has been subject to throughout his trial, until he is finally sentenced in October.


  1. Tom Woewiyu should appeal the verdict while LOCK UP in prison. This terrorist should not be allowed to be on the loose to stir up trouble in Liberia or witnesses in the case. He belongs behind bar where he will rot and burn in hell for senseless ordering the death of innocent civilians and Americans Nuns. Sadly, he used America as a place to plan terroristic acts in Liberia and other countries in West Africa. He needs to be monitored 24/7 to ensure no person will be killed. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf should follow him NEXT.

  2. It is sad that another country has to try our criminals. That our Liberian leaders are so entrenched in corruption and so deeply in bed with those that committed such heinous crimes, that we WON’T bring to justice these criminals. Instead, our leaders, present government of Liberia included, award them with prominent positions in exchange for power and money. Like one person said to me, “this is my friend’s father and he is such a nice man”. Yes, nice to his family and friends but why don’t we ask those that he killed and maimed and the family member that are left to grieve? One by one, look over your shoulders because the hands of justice may turn slowly, but it is turning. Are you next?

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