WLCU Gives 250,000 Surgical Masks to Gov’t.

WLCU President Ahmed Wazni presenting the donated items to GSA Director General Mary Broh

The World Lebanese Cultural Union of Liberia (WLCU) has donated 250,000 surgical Masks as its continuous assistance to combating COVID-19 in Liberia. The surgical masks, intended for hospitals, clinics and health centers, is estimated at U$100,000.

Presenting the Masks to the Government of Liberia through the General Service Agency (GSA), WLCU President Ahmed Wazni said the Lebanese community is obliged to assist Government fight and prevent the spread of the disease. He assured the Lebanese community’s continuous commitment to assisting government succeed in the COVID-19 fight to restore normalcy in Liberia.

Receiving the cartoons of Surgical Masks, GSA Director General Mary Broh commended the Lebanese community for their continuous assistance to government in the fight against the COVID-19. The GSA Boss recalled and lauded the Lebanese community for its continuous assistance and support to government health care programs and development initiatives.

Last month, the WLCU furbished and turned over a building with 52 beds for use as a clinic to help the government quarantine and treat persons infected by the Coronavirus. The clinic in Congo Town formally opened June 23. The Ministry of Health, National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) and Executive Committee on Corona Virus in Liberia worked along with the World Lebanese Cultural Union of Liberia (WLCU) for additional logistics.

The construction and equipment of the Clinic is estimated at U$350,000, funded by Lebanese residents in Liberia and the anti-COVID-19 special task force of the Lebanese Community in Liberia. The Lebanese community in Liberia has offered the largest local anti-Corona virus assistance project, which also included provision of food, cleaning materials, utility water, materials to the Liberia National Red cross, communities, clinics, schools and orphanages, as well as medical supplies and construction materials to the Military 14 hospital in Schiefflin, Margibi County.


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