WLCU Donates to Kingdom Care Institute

The donated items

The Lebanese community in Liberia has resolved to devote more attention to school kids in the country, but with specific reference to those at the Kingdom Care Community Institute in Logan Town, where they promised to provide for the school’s basic needs and foster an ideal learning environment.

The president of the World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU) in Liberia, Ezzat Eid, said the organization will renovate the school building to relieve the students from the nightmare of the rainy season, which occasionally keeps them from the classrooms during school hours.

Some of the items donated were bags of rice, toiletries, biscuits and instructional materials.

“As the Lebanese community, we would like to devote our attention to you the students.

We will always identify with your school. We will see what we can do for you to live decent lives and to attain quality education,” he told the students.

Mr. Eid and Mother Ketter pose with students

Mr. Eid made the pledge after presenting assorted food and other items to the school’s administration for the students. “We are here to assist you with some items. These are meant to help you while you go through your academic activities,” Mr. Eid said.

“Besides the little things the LWCU brought for you, I will talk to my community so that we can try to do something about the school. There is a need that we undertake some projects here,” he assured the elated students.

He said the WLCU will try to renovate the school, “so that at least when you are in your classes, especially during the rainy season, the rain will not fall on you.”

He assured the students that the Lebanese community will not divert its attention from them. “We will try to attend to your needs in our best way possible. We all need to put our hands together to help you people,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kingdom Care proprietor Rev. Musu Dorley Ketter, lauded the WLCU for the “timely” donations and the promised repairs to the school building.

“We are grateful to you for these gifts,” Rev. Ketter said.

WLCU has been contributing to numerous educational initiatives, especially to the various universities in the country, but according to Mr. Eid, the organization will now try to pay attention to primary and secondary schools as part of what it has been doing in the past.

In May 17, 2016, the WLCU presented a check for US$100,000 to the Executive Mansion towards the implementation of the multi-purpose Student Service Center at Tubman University in Harper, Maryland County.


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