‘Withdraw Nwabudike’s Nomination as NEC Chairman,’ Says CENTAL

CENTAL Executive Director Anderson D. Miamen addresses journalists as CENTAL's staffs observe

 ..Urges Pres. Weah to improve relations with Civil Society

 The Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia (CENTAL) is calling on President George Weah to withdraw the nomination of Cllr. A. Ndubuisi Nwabudike as the new chairman for the National Elections Commission (NEC). CENTAL is one of the latest civil society organizations that has called on the President to withdraw Cllr. Nwabudike’s nomination who prior to this had served as Chairman of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission but was never confirmed for that post by the Senate.

Addressing journalists on March 25, 2020 at a news conference held in Monrovia, CENTAL Executive Director Anderson D. Miamen said that his entity’s attention has been drawn to recent developments in Liberia bordering on the fight against Corruption. He maintained that CENTAL has observed with dismay the growing negative trend in the fight against corruption, something he said does not augur well for citizens and stakeholders’ confidence, especially government’s commitment to the fight against the virus.

It may be recalled on March 21, 2020, President Weah nominated A. Ndubusi Nwabudike to head the National Elections Commission (NEC) and would oversee the 2020 midterm elections as well as the 2023 presidential and general elections. Several others were also nominated as Commissioners to serve along with him.

But according to CENTAL’s boss, the President’s decision to repeatedly and single-handedly make appointments to key public integrity institutions, with limited involvement of stakeholders and development partners, in line with best practices, leaves much to be desired.

Mr. Miamen: “We remain disappointed in the unilateral appointment of officials to public integrity institutions with limited or no inputs from stakeholders.” The recent appointments include Cllr. A. Ndubuisi Nwabudike and Cllr. Kanio B. Gbala- Executive Chairperson and Co-Chair and Edwin Kla Martin.

“We state similarly that involving stakeholders in such appointments, including that of Hon. Gabriel Nyekan to the Liberia Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (LEITI), would have allowed for proper scrutiny with consideration on requirements, tenures, and mandates provided in laws establishing the respective integrity institutions.”

He cited section 6.2 of the LACC Act which provides that when nominating Commissioners to the LACC, the President “may consult the civil society pursuant to the partnership between governments and said civil society in the fight against corruption.” This evinces an acknowledgement by the National Legislature of the critical role civil society can play in such processes, being mindful however that nomination to the Commission is the sole prerogative of the President.

He, however, commend the President for including civil society on the committee charged with the responsibility of investigating complaints by the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) against state security personnel.

The organization also noted that the President’s removal and replacement of individuals at these institutions, at will, sends a bad message and signal to citizens and partners, something which Mr. Miamen said undermines the sanctity of these entities and effectively lower stakeholders’ confidence in their operations and activities.

He further recalled few months after confirmation, the new head of LACC was replaced, despite holding a tenured position which he said raises many questions.

He asked as to whether against what backdrop was he appointed then? adding asking further he adding as saying, was it based on a clear plan and blueprint for the Commission, which has been achieved in less than four months? Does the appointment of the LACC Chair to the NEC indicate that elections rank is higher than the fight against corruption under the Weah administration? Wouldn’t the continuous unsteadiness of leadership at the LACC affect its productivity?

CENTAL in its call to the President withdraw the nomination of Cllr. Edwin Kla Martin as Executive Chairperson of the LACC due to potential violation of the Act establishing the LACC. In his statement, Mr. Miamen mentioned Section 6.3 of the Act which provides that “no two Commissioners shall have the same County of origin”.

The CENTAL boss said investigation conducted has shown that Cllr. Edwin Kla Martin hails from Pleebo, Maryland County while Commissioner Aba Hamilton-Dolo hails from Harper, Maryland County. He added that considering that a sitting Commissioner in the person of Mrs. Dolo hails from the same county, the most prudent option is the withdrawal of Cllr. Martin’s nomination so as not to be in violation of the law.

Mr. Miamen: “In order to avert the recurrence of said situation in the future, we reiterate our call that the President values the inputs of stakeholders, whose support is vital to the operation of these institutions, given constraints they are perennially faced with.”

Mr. Miamen further frowned on the act of unilateral appointments by President Weah  at these key institutions, something he said does very little to sustain and increase stakeholders’ confidence in the fight against corruption in Liberia.

He claimed that many of these institutions are already extremely disappointed in low support to these entities and corresponding limited results, which has seen major investigations lingering for years.

In a related development, Mr. Miamen noted that after nearly two years, the government is still investigating circumstances surrounding the $25 million mopping up exercise a disappointing and worrisome trend. He said It is important, therefore, that Government completes investigation into the 25 million USD mopping up exercise.

He stated that it is far more disappointing that after almost two years, the government continues to investigate the scandal, despite previous reports highlighting wholesale discrepancies.

Meanwhile Mr. Miamen has acknowledged the recent lifting of the suspension of Liberia describing it as  welcoming, but recommended that government must ensure timely reconstitution of the leadership of LEITI in ensuring that it is fully staffed to effectively and efficiently operate.

CENTAL, however, urge the government to be open and accountable in the fight against the Coronavirus in Liberia and ensure that the necessary updates to the public must include resources received and expended so that citizens are clear about circumstances surrounding the fight.

He referenced previous allegations and confirmed incidences of mismanagement of the Ebola resources, which was never accounted for or the accused prosecuted, urging that such must not be repeated, moving forward.


  1. You guys need to take this president to the zoo bush somewhere in Bong or Lofa or Nimba County and talk to him. He looks confused.

  2. Some of the things that are being said by CENTAL’s Miamen are a bunch of claptrap.

    Let’s take a look……
    A. Two appointees to the NEC commission claim to be Maryland county natives. Those Maryland county appointees are:
    1. Edwin Kla Martin and

    2. Aba Hamilton-Dolo.

    First of all, the chairman of CENTAL, Mr. Miamen seems to be introducing a form of discrimination that he’s accusing Weah of. Example, Miamen is critical of N. Nwabudike’s appointment because of Nwabudike’s Nigerian background.

    Miamen’s Stupid Argument:
    Edwin Kla Martin and Aba Hamilton-Dolo are native Marylanders. Because the two appointees are Maryland county natives, the appointment is kind of fraudulent. Therefore, in order to make the appointment perfect, it is imperative for Weah to withdraw the name of one of the appointees.

    If Miamen were given the opportunity to rescind one of the names from the list, which one would he likely withdraw? Aba Hamilton-Dolo? But what has Dolo done? Someone has to be blunt to tell Miamen that Dolo has done no harm. Leave Dolo alone. You see, Marylanders do not discriminate on the basis of a name or place of origin! You can be a Dolo, a Kpa, a Teah, a Zellay or Qwetee. Miamen is introducing discrimination. Miamen is trying hard to get Dolo back to Nimba County! That’s not good! Bull. I will fight for Aba “Dolo” and Kla Martin.

    Secondly, it makes no sense for Miamen to question such appointments. That’s because Dolo and Martin were hired on the basis of competence. Miamen ought to come to his senses if his senses left him. There’s no written document that forbids the appointment of two competent individuals from one county.

    Lastly, Miamen argues that it is mandated by law for the president (any president) to consult with an organization such as his when appointments like the above are being made. Well, for good reasons, Weah decided to bypass Miamen and his associates. With that much hate in him, Miamen should always be left out when the president makes appointments.

    Don’t touch Dolo, Miamen.


    • Hahahahahahaha!
      Niamen, please don’t touch Dolo ooooh!
      Your’all hear it?

      Leave Dolo to get some cash in his pockets from Maryland oh, because Dolo will choose the superintendent of Maryland and leave for Nimba, where he pledges allegiance, to construct his life.
      Since Dolo now knows how to make the superintendent of Maryland, he may probably come back to make himself superintendent and any Marylanders who dare defy such decision will be subdued accordingly.

      I am living in a country with similar fairy tale, my people!

      We have credible, qualified and impartial Liberians, Uncle Hney.
      That Nigerian-born naturalized Liberian Councilor can become whosoever he wants to become in Liberia, but please, let him leave our NEC chairmanship, our supreme court and our presidency, this we beg of him.
      Do all in Liberia Councilor, but leave these 3 positions for Liberians. Your children, born in Liberia, can of course benefit from these positions but NOT you, Sir!

    • Petarus Dolo, Aba Hamilton Dolo is the widow of the late Liberian academic and public intellectual Emmanuel Dolo who hailed from Nimba.

      I must correct you based on this IGNORANT ASSERTION of yours below..

      ”Dolo will choose the superintendent of Maryland and leave for Nimba, where he pledges allegiance, to construct his life.”

      Again Aba Hamilton Dolo is a lady, the wife or the widow of the late Liberian academic and public intellectual Emmanuel Dolo who hailed from Nimba.

      And I am not implying here that Aba Hamilton Dolo is even from Maryland, for these journalists are fond of disseminating disinformation and lies.

    • Uncle Hney,

      First, I read the Analyst 4 times. I am not getting (understanding) the message.
      Also, I think he did not get the point. Could you help me understand or could the Analyst come back to plainly tell me what he means?

  3. I will try my best. First of all, I think that Mr. Analyst has done two important things:

    1. Mr. Analyst sets the record straight. He tells us that Miamen is a bewildered jerk who needs shut his mouth. (Don’t laugh). Example, Miamen states that he did a background check on Kla Martin and Aba Hamilton-Dolo, (probably a close or distant relative of yours) but failed to explain how the name Dolo finds itself in Maryland county. In the same vein, Mr. Analyst is simply telling you that you should have known the Liberian academic, Emmanuel Dolo! Why? Because you’re a life-long Dolo.

    2. Mr. Analyst is probably a Marylander or maybe a patriotic guy who hates your guts, pure and simple. Second, maybe Mr. Analyst did his analysis on you and discovered that were Cummings to come to power, he would give you permission to appoint Superintendents instead of having an election. When I more information, I will gladly share it with you bro.

    Hang in there.

  4. Corrections:

    1. Who needs “to” shut his mouth. The word “to” was omitted. And

    2. Should be, “when I get more information”….
    The word “get” was omitted.

  5. Uncle Hney,
    Hope you are fine today and have returned with your car from the Ivorian mechanic.

    I have waited so long to get a reaction from The Analyst to confirm or correct or refute your points to no avail.

    Well, I think you are just saying what you think about me and NOT what The Analyst has said about me.
    Why do you always like to associate people who agree with your views to Marylanders? Are you telling me all Marylanders think the same? No!
    If not, you could have been on board with Cummings but you have your trend of thoughts and values you uphold, not forcibly a Marylander.

    I think this is one of the mistakes I have made in my life to ask for your explanation of what someone had said. I promised never to make such mistake again.

    Your president has been disavowed on his pick. Let him opt for a fair game. Tell him to get ready to park and open a football school in Liberia, please.

    No more war in Liberia!

  6. mon frere Petarus Dolo,
    As I write, I am sitting quietly in the mechanic’s office while the car is being worked on. The car has more problems than I thought. In addition to the original problems, I had to buy two “control arms” today with a price tag of $160.00. That doesn’t include workmanship! Bottom Line? I need another car!

    I always feel offended when you misconstrue what I write. In no way did I intend to cross your path disrespectfully.

    Je suis desole si tu as ete offense,ce n’etait pas Mon intention.


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