With USADF Grant, Ganta Metal Shop Nearly Doubles Production


Three years ago, the Standard Garage, producers of metal works for agriculture production, received a grant from the US Agricultural Development Fund (USADF) in order to improve production and marketing, conduct safety training for workers with the provision of safety materials/outfits and to improve management and accounting skills.  And the grant seems to be paying off.  
The Project, which received over US$40,000 from the USADF,      has during the three years of the grant realized sales of US$104,629, an average of US$34,875 per year as compared to the baseline of US$19,900 the year before the project was funded.  
It was evident to all who attended the brief tour of the project with US Ambassador Deborah Malac in Ganta, Nimba County on Friday, April 17, that she was really impressed.
“We are committed to doing work in Nimba and the country at large,” she stated.
 “We are very happy to be here at the Standard Garage and to see you producing and providing tools that are enhancing the agricultural  activities in Nimba. And we need to see more production in the agriculture sector,” she challenged.

“This is a very rich country. You can grow more for yourself to eat and even sell some to other people and process the sale and earn a decent living.”
The Standard Garage produces agricultural equipment such as palm mills, known as Freedom Mills, and many other agricultural tools and manual machines used in milling cassava, corn, and palm kernels, as well as cracking kernels. Some of the machines can also be propelled by motors for fast or mass production.

During the tour, the Ambassador declared that her government wants to see Liberia succeed.  “This why the US is partnering with Liberia in every sector,” she said, “to ensure that the country becomes successful.”
Amb. Malac: “We want you to be a developed country and we want you to take your  rightful place among every other country and to be able to provide a future for yourselves and your children,” she stressed.
“We cannot do everything, neither can the government of Liberia, but together we can make a difference and move forward,” she added.
The US Government is sponsoring several projects in  Nimba County through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the US Agricultural Development Fund (USADF) and many other US-based or funded organizations in the areas of agriculture, infrastructural development, education (which include skills training), security, rule of law and many more.

Ambassador Malac, who was travelling to the Eastern part of Liberia, said she was on a fact-finding trip to know what impact the help the USA is providing to Liberia is making in the lives of the citizens.
The United States sponsored Food and Enterprise Development (FED) is a  making significant impact on the lives of many farmers in Nimba County. Through FED, many communities have seen their activities developed and expanded; and many remote areas are now connected by roads sponsored the USAID.
The chief elder of Ganta, Nyan Taylor Guanue, and the manager of Standard Garage, Amos Gbatu, praised the Government of the United  States of America for its  numerous expressions of assistance to the people of Liberia.
They said the US help to Liberia will never be forgotten.  The two men thanked the Ambassador for stopping by to see the works of Standard Garage and its impact on the community and the county as a whole.


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