Witch Doctor Arrives in Grand Kru to Settle Issue of Mysterious Deaths

Herbalist Tamba Bundoo displaying his materials

Chenakaleh in Picnicess District, Grand Kru County, has witnessed mysterious deaths in recent days a Catholic Church brother, Joseph Nyenplue, totaling 40 on the 10th of July this year. To avenge the wrong on the perceived witchcrafts, people of the district have invited Witch Doctor Tamba Bundoo to challenge, and they (people) are optimistic that his intervention will ease the catastrophic situation confronting them in the district.

The Daily Observer has gathered that ‘Tamba’ was on Monday, August 17, expected to begin cleansing Chenakaleh of mysterious deaths, demonic attacks, and other sicknesses after a weekend discussion with Grand Kru County Superintendent Doris N. Ylatun and other officials.

It has been gathered that in order to avoid stigmatization and protest over the 40 persons who died over the years, Tamba has been instructed by the County Leadership to only consecrate Picnicess against any further witchcraft activities — meaning anyone who gets involved from henceforth in any witch activity after his cleansing exercise will “confess and die.”

It may be recalled that the unexplained July 10 death of the late Nyenplue caused Picnicess Community to petition the County Leadership through a protest seeking justice and nemesis.

According to reports from Picnicess, Tamba has invited the citizenry to witness his performances.

It might also be recalled that Grand Kru County Superintendent told the Daily Observer exclusively that there has been a spate of mysterious deaths of people since before her appointment at the administrative helm of the county in 2018, and recently in her tenure, at least five unexplained deaths occurred, bringing the death toll to 40.

She said killings are only done in Chenakaleh and the residents believe that not much has been done to find those behind the recent killings.  Therefore, they are demanding a witch doctor, popularly named “Tamba,” to uncover the witches and cleanse the community.

“The County Leadership has agreed to the request of Chenakaleh to cleanse the community from witchcraft activities, ” Superintendent Ylatun said.

“We are expecting Tamba in the county soon, and we are hopeful that the mysterious killing will come to an end,” said Superintendent Ylatun.

The Superintendent indicated that the first appointed commissioner of Picnicess in 2018, Tokpa Geplah, also died mysteriously.

The late Commissioner allegedly disappeared en route to his house after fishing and up to his time, his body is yet to be found.


  1. Well, well! If a witch doctor can pinpoint with accuracy the person or persons who terrorize the good people of Grand Kru, it’s okay with me. On the other hand, I think more needs to be done in addition to bringing in a witch doctor.

    (1). The Superintendent of Grand Kru must act creatively in terms of coming up with 21st century ideas that will lift the people of Grand Kru from mats to mattresses. The Superintendent of Grand Kru must negate the negative image of her county by doing more through hard work.

    (2). The elected Grand Kru county legislative delegation (meaning the Senators & Representatives) should be counted upon as people who truly represent the interest of their constituents. The lawmakers of Grand Kru and their legislative colleagues who serve in the National Assembly of Liberia, earn more money Liberia than university professors and the country’s medical doctors. What’s needed in these lawmakers is a record of good public service and not sluggishness.

    (3) The Ministry of Education has an obligation to work proactively with the Education Officer and his or her Assistant in order to ensure that educating the youth of Grand Kru is front and center. In this day and age, it makes no sense for a high school to exist without a science lab. Where on Earth is the Minister of Education?

    (4). An old Liberian maxim goes like this; “When it rains, it pours.” In a real life situation, when it rains in Grand Kru, the roads become messy and sometimes impassible. When it rains in Grand Kru, the people suffer because farmers cannot sell their produce due messy roads. So, the fourth fear factor is the torpid Ministry of Public Works. Where’s the Minister of Public Works?


    (5). The Ministry of Agriculture has a unique role to play in the development process of every county including Grand Kru. The Agriculture Ministry should do everything that’s possible to inspire the residents of Grand Kru to get involved in farming….. not subsistence farming alone, but farming on a grand skill.

    The Grand Kru situation will definitely improve if those people I have identified above work cooperatively.


    • If you empower people who don’t have Know-Hows, education, Training, etc, you are the Witchcraft?
      Liberian said book was not needed to live in this world?
      “Da book we le eat?”
      That statement tells you who the Witchcraft ist.
      Since 1822, our country is in Big Sin.

  2. is it constitutional or legal now to investigate people by witch craft doctor? which law say so?
    woo, our country is doing well now if he gov and authority now depending on witch craft and not the law to investigate happenings. soon the entire country will no longer look up to God but use witch craft to protect themselves and forget about the police and the court process.
    what is this. this is very wrong in modern days Liberia
    may God help us.

  3. Liberia is interesting ” Witch doctor to intervene in mysterious deaths in Grand Kru” , what an interesting story! I think internal affairs ministry needs to take the lead now. Not only in Grand Kru, in Nimba Bong and other parts of Lib i see people in the name of witch doctors catching witchcraft. These activities can sometimes break family relationship human right abuses and even cause stigmatization. Can you imagine, @ time the so called witch doctor can sometimes naked the witchcraft n place pot or bucket on his or her head move around d street with group of people behind him insulting. I have observed it many times n sometime wondered why our local authority allowed these things to happened?

    • I am not an advocate for witch and/or with craft, but let’s be real, Liberia is still an African Country. The narrative of witch and witch craft is real in Africa. It is not a ferry tale. In fact, there is no continent on the globe that has never experienced witch and witch craft. Read William Shakespeare, the iconic English writer, you will read about witches and witch craft.

      Call it what you may, but there is verification of demonic powers roaming the earth in several passages of the Holy Bible! During the colonial times of New England, USA, there were verifiable incidents of witch craft in Salem, Massachusetts. So let us not pretend that witch craft is a ferry tale.

      It has been stated in the constitution of Liberia that non-harmful traditional practices of the land be observed and upheld by the laws of the country. For this purpose, the witch doctor/herbalist has been called into action on numerous occasions to help remedy the maladies that a particular people of a particular political/tribal jurisdictions have been experiencing throughout the Republic since 1847. It is not new or strange to Liberia and Liberians.

      Certainly, this is not the first time a witch doctor has be called to that political jurisdiction. It happened during the administration of WVS Tubman in the 1950’s (early 1960’s) exactly, for the same reasons.

  4. When you enter the village of the blind, you soon find out that the one-eye man is the chief of the inhabitants of that village.
    When you enter the village of the lame, the one-foot man will inevitably be the chief with all prerogatives.
    It is also often said that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

    Liberia, a country ruled by a one-eye or one-foot giant, will surely settle down for jungle or soothsaying justice.

    Just the other day, they pronounced death penalty for “perpetrators” of rape whereas the rapist are their thugs who are easily identifiable. Why are they proposing such penalty? To get rid of opposition politicians and leave the culprits go free; jungle rulership introducing jungle justice. Thank God Elizabeth Harleman, the Swedish outgoing Deputy Head of Mission, has spoken on the topic. Thank you, Madam, for touching on the topic because hoodlum Weah wants to physically get rid of opposition voices to his tyranny and mediocrity.

    Now they are resorting to soothsaying to determine the cause/s of mysterious death. I just hope opposition figures are not being targeted in this region too. Look Madam Superintendent, the causes are not hidden:
    1. Poverty: Our people cannot afford a balanced diet through the length and breadth of the country. Provide jobs Gbekugheb!
    2. Poor Healthcare System: Most of our people die from common tropical diseases. The $30 million you recently squandered on your lazy and unproductive partisans could have been spent on roads to Grand Kru or on good health infrastructure or training of professional Physician Assistants. Put on your thinking cap, Gbakugbeh!
    3. Poor Infrastructure: Open the southeastern region to the rest of Liberia. In so doing, there will be improved economic activities in the region to put money in the pockets of the inhabitants to cater to their families and improve their livelihoods.

    Begin FIXES, the ones you promised us, Gbekugbeh!
    It is not enough to be entitled Gbekugbeh, you must act like a real Gebkugbeh for us, Skipper!

    May God deliver Liberia from swindlers, gangsters and hoodlums!

  5. Witchdoctor or traditional healer is a one believed to have supremacy on lesser witches. The mysterious deaths in Chenakaleh are believed to be carried out by witches which necessitated the call of a moleman or ‘Tamba” as they called it which directly fall under the guardianship of internal justice system.

    It will be inappropriate for government or whosoever to go in Chenakaleh to arrest everyone to detect the continuous mysterious deaths in Chenakaleh which could lead to force confession and wanton situation thereat. So, supernatural or internal Justice system have to be carried on under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to bring those perpetrators to public ridicule, if possible death penalty should be awarded in order to curtail the mysterious death of innocent people in Chenakaleh town.

    I believed that the president and the entire government are in deep sympathies with the people of Chenakaleh’s for the irreparable death of its important citizens. The only worry now should be that the witchdoctor should carry his or her duty in the rightful manner not point finger at Innocent people.

  6. If the witch doctor is so powerful, why not put his services to better use – like “turning on the light”, magically paving the roads, or magically building hospitals or schools.

    Or even better, have the witch doctor perform his rituals and everyone wakes up in a new house the next morning.

    Apologies. I’m the dummy. The witch doctor can only chase what is in the mind of the community, and make them feel better through his antics.

    Where can I apply to be a witch doctor. For good money, I will travel across Liberia chasing the witches. I’m available immediately!!!


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