Boakai on Collapse Rumors: ‘It Is A Lie’

VP Boakai along with citizens of Lofa County during his visit to Quardu-Gboni

Following recent news that Vice President Joseph Boakai collapsed while on a campaign tour in Voinjama, Lofa County, the V.P. has clarified that whatever information was provided to the public about him in that regard was the work of “wishful thinkers” masterminded by opposition parties to discourage those who love him from voting for him.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer last Sunday, Boakai  added that all of his activities in the county were successful and that he and his entire entourage have a clean bill of health. “The news that I collapsed is a lie that was put together by those who consider themselves as oppositions to me, but I am very fine and have walked the principal streets of Voinjama, visited nearby communities including Quardu-Gboni, Barkedu and several other villages to meet my people.

This time, the wishful thinkers have it that I fell out during my visit to Lofa. The news is not true because I am healthy and have concluded my activities by walking and interacting with people in distant places,” the VP said. During his visit, VP Boakai also stopped in Lawalazu Town (northwest of Voinjama) for a program organized jointly by Lawalazu and Tubungaisue, Quardu-Gboni, Barkedu and several other area, where he dedicated a youth center and chief’s compound among other projects.

The news about the VP collapsing was very shocking to citizens in the county who described it as “misleading and false,” with the intent to destroy the strong legacy of the VP, discourage his supporters and mislead the public that the VP is not healthy enough to run the country. The citizens called on all his supporters to remain firm and know that the VP is actively involved in his campaign and making sure it is very successful.

The citizens of Quardu-Gboni expressed their appreciation for the level of work Boakai has done so far, which they said has brought hope to the county. “This is the only opportunity we have to elect a president. If we fail to work tirelessly to see victory, then it will be a serious problem, meaning we will never have such an opportunity again. If he loses the election, it will affect not just Lofa, but the entire country’s development,” said Alhaji Kromah on behalf of residents of the county.

Reacting to the VP’s analogy regarding his 12 years as Vice President, Mr. Kromah lauded him, adding that it is time for the race car to take the lead and develop the country.


  1. Regardless of what the rumors are, Joe Boakai’s age is a serious campaign issue. Why? Because when you’re as old as Joe Methuselah Boakai, it’s not just in physical tasks that age takes it toll, it’s also the mental tasks that wears you down. Even if your mind remains sharp, your energy seldom remain the same, and that can affect how long you can concentrate during important meetings, including board meetings! (No, I don’t mean that kind of “board meeting”)!

    You want proof of how our VP’s (Boakai) age affects his concentration on the job?? Here’s one:: On March 29, 2012, Joe Methuselah Boakai met with Liberians in Atlanta, Georgia, and guess what happened? Yes, Joe Methuselah couldn’t keep his eyes open.
    In the middle of the Town Hall meeting (at the International Fellowship Church, Atlanta, Georgia), I saw Joe Blow dozing off ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz (nodding his head like he was catching fish!)

    Sleeping on the job makes Joe Boakai a very dangerous man for the presidency!

    • M.S; Any President, no matter the age; will occasionally dose off at some functions. The Presidency is a 24/7 JOB. Don’t tell me, anyone is capable of staying fully awake 24-Hour, Seven Days A Week. World Leaders are urged by their Personal Physicians to take time off daily for a reasonable-well deserved NAP. You bet! They all do. A well rested J.Nyumah Boakai would perform his Presidential Duties just as good as any PRESIDENT; young or old. You don’t know what circumstances interfered with V.P Boakai’s “BUSY SCHEDULES” during his “OVER SEA VISIT” to Atlanta, U.S.A. You can not generalize JNB’S ability to be a capable and effective leader, based solely on one incident; when he was in transit. If you have ever travelled out of your own time zone, I suppose you were affected by time lag, that may affect your biological clock. It can happen to anyone, young and old. Let’s not make age an issue. Being young, does not make anyone a capable and effective leader. Old age, translates to experience spread over a long period of time. Most bumps are usually younger men. JNB IS VERY CAPABLE TO BE PRESIDENT, REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA.

  2. Equally so old age is a tragedy to the governance of any society like our. Remember that you are once a man and twice a child, which amount to the reductions of ideals, strengths, and ability to lead. Let the old man retire.


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