“Make Political Speeches, but Don’t Play with Our Peace” -WIPNET

WIPNET members

By Hannah N. Geterminah

Women In Peace Building Network (WIPNET) yesterday called on authorities of the National Elections Commission (NEC) to conduct free, fair and transparent elections on October 10 to maintain the country’s peace.

The women made the call when the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) donated several food items and 100 pieces of head ties at their fish market headquarters through the party’s Youth Link chairman Jefferson Koijee.

According to WIPNET Program Coordinator for Advocacy in Liberia, Bernice Freeman, peace cannot be maintained without the support of all the political parties that are part of the process.

“You can make your political speeches, but don’t play with our peace. We have suffered for the peace for so long and we have to maintain it for our children’s future,” she stressed.

Madam Freeman said WIPNET has visited 16 communities telling the youth to say “No to Violence” for the betterment of the country.

She emphasized that without peace the country cannot move forward with its development agenda, adding that the women of WIPNET “are on our feet” because the youth are the future lawyers, doctors and presidents, “and they need a secure future.”

Madam Freeman noted that the youth must always be ambassadors of peace, indicating that they must refrain from any message that will cause confusion in the country.

She indicated that WIPNET is willing to work with everybody, stressing that they are not in the business of promoting any particular political party.

“We will not favor any political party, we are the twin’s mothers, and all we want is peace for our children’s education and the development of Liberia,” she said.

Also speaking, Jefferson Koijee said Senator George Weah recognizes WIPNET’s efforts to ensure that peace is sustained in the country.

Mr. Koijee said CDC does not want WIPNET’s efforts to go to waste, adding that they have gone through so much as a women’s group to ensure that the country is and remains peaceful.

He said the CDC was not satisfied with certain elections, but accepted the results to maintain peace in Liberia, adding that WIPNET has a great responsibility to ensure that the mother body of election matters in the country – the NEC, conducts a free, fair and transparent election on October 10.


  1. So, the only way someone wins is to give food items to Liberian voters? Really,
    Liberians are worth only for food! That is how you consider Liberians to be?
    Any candidate who, knowingly what Charles Taylor did to the Liberian people
    is still fresh for the next 100 years to come, negotiated with Charles Taylor and
    chose his war wife as a running mate is not worth to be elected President of


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