WINROCK/ARCH Presents Vehicle, Equipment to MOL

The vehicle being presented to the MOL by WINROCK International

WINROCK/ARCH International Project with support from the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) has presented several office materials to the Ministry of Labor for use by the National Commission on Child Labor (NACOMA).

The presentation was made recently in Monrovia.

Items presented included a vehicle, two motorbikes, a projector, two laptops, two printers, twelve (12) cabinets, two desktop computers, and an iPod.

Others items were two wifi ZTE modem and a Canon camera.

WINROCK/ARCH International’s Project Director James Yekeh said the donation is to support the National Commission on Child Labor (NACOMA) during its operations in the country.

He said NACOMA was instrumental in the success of its recent project, for which he thanked the Minister of Labor, Neto Zarzar Lighe.

“We’ve worked together as implementing partners to make sure that the project is successful. We are closing down, so we requested our donor, the WINROCK International, to provide us one vehicle and office materials for donation to the Ministry of Labor for specific use by NACOMA.

“Because we have lot of things that we left on the ground such as follow-ups on the status of children and making sure those children are no longer involved in child labor in areas we operated we depend mostly on NACOMA to continue those activities,” he said.

Mr. Yekeh, however, informed the Ministry of Labor that they are in the process of running a new project on child labor called “Clear II” Project, which will be implemented in collaboration with NACOMA.

Minister Lighe expressed gratitude to WINROCK International and the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) for the items donated.

He noted that the donations will be used for their intended purposes and promised that the Ministry of Labor will continue to monitor child labor issues in the country, adding that “where the WINROCK/ARCH Project stops, the government through the Ministry and NACOMA will take over.

“We want to assure you that the MOL will continue to work towards the elimination of the worst forms of child labor in Liberia.

“It is good that the recent National Sustainability Conference on the elimination of child labor in Liberia produced an outcome document, which will be used to enhance the fight against child labor,” he said.

The WINROCK International Action to Reduce Child Labor (ARCH) project supported efforts to reduce child labor in rubber producing areas of Liberia and enhanced monitoring and enforcement of child labor issues.

The project, which was funded by the USDOL, targeted 10,100 children in or at risk of engaging in child labor, and 3,700 vulnerable households. The project ran from December 2012 to April 30, 2017.


  1. Why is the guy in the African shirt on the left at the presentation of car and other equipments to the Ministry of Labor by WinRock International using his left hand to either present or receive a key during the ceremony and keep his right hand on his side? Is that a civilized behavior?


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