Winker to Weah: ‘Speak to the Nation, Restore Hope’

Archbishop Isaac S. Winker of the Dominion Christian Fellowship Center

Dominion Christian Fellowship Center Archbishop, Isaac S. Winker, who in 2018 professed curse and punishment upon anyone who “Rises” against or criticizes President George Weah, has called on his spiritual son and President of the Republic, George Manneh Weah, to take charge of the government to not allow cabinet members and others believed to be influential get him out of control.

In his New Year’s message, the Archbishop compared the President with a newborn baby that needs to sit, crawl and walk, suggesting that President Weah is still young in the presidency and needs to learn and get adjusted to a lot of things before meeting the expectations of the Liberian people.

Without getting into whether or not the time had come for the President to exercise full maturity, with reference to the comparison made, the Archbishop said the President has to take control of the government and stop allowing political appointees to play on the intelligence of the presidency and take control as the captain on the ship.

Like other politicians including Margibi County, Senator Oscar Cooper had said, Archbishop Winker told president Weah in his sermon to observe his political appointees and Cabinet Ministers, stressing that he should relieve anyone who does not function well in his or her post.

Referencing II Chronicles 35:5-8 of the Holy Bible, Winker said the voice of the leader matters most, adding, “the President should muster the courage to speak via radio talk show regularly to inspire [the nation] and restore hope about Liberia’s bright future.

He also called on the President to observe the rule of law and respect the Constitution.  It can be recalled that members of the public, especially the Council of Patriots that had staged a number of mass protests in Monrovia, had accused President George Weah of being insensitive to the economic hardship of the country and encouraging corruption by building estates without declaring his assets. Billions of Liberian dollars and millions of United States dollars have gone missing in the Weah Administration without accountability, they said.

Winker’s message was under the theme: “Fear not, God is in Control” from the Old Testament book of Isaiah 41:8-11.  He recounted events of President Weah’s first and second years in office and admonished him to do his best in the third year as Liberian people watch to see decisions for the peace and prosperity of the nation.

He called on Liberians to remain hopeful because “all is not lost yet for the future of the country.”


  1. Let them sugar coating the lies and pretend that everything is going well when Infact things are going very wrongly. President Weah had said,he believed in action rather than talking and this is where his action has brought us as a nation. The facts remained and that is, the wolf will always be a wolf despite they will sometimes pretend to look like a dog, living amongst the dogs and eating them one at a time. The 2yrs presidency of George Weah is direct reflection of George Weah and nothing going to change. You can not solve mathematics equation that you have no idea of solving. You can sit in that examination hall for hours, days or months and the equation will remain unsolved because you don’t know the formula to start with in solving the equation.

  2. Wow ! No more daily bread coming from the Anointed and Chosen One of the soil to the church of the Archbishop any more ? Keep on praying to keep hope alive, but do not look up to the Heavens for your daily bread. The Chosen One has not yet ascended to the Heavens , but look no further than the Foreign Ministry , there you will find your lord and savior around the table with his forty thieves discussing their next clandestine move against the nation. Well , as their Archbishop, they need your blessing as always so they can not be caught with their hands in the jars. But the new massage coming from your church to the Anointed One is not welcomed at all. The Anointed and Chosen One has said on so many occasions that he is not about to fire anyone within his inner political circle. They are there for life . And that include Samuel Tweah and Minister McGill. Just a reminder, in case you forgot.

  3. James Davis

    Your only animus against Weah is because according to the hate that reared you “Peace was in heaven until the Kru people got there” for not baring their naked buttocks to be bloodied by guys whose backsides were daily brutalized on plantations: Rubbish!

    • So let examine that alleged quoted statement again, that peace was in heaven until the Kru people got there and started arguing with God on his throne. Now after experiencing a brutal civil war that was brought to an end by the International Community and paid for by the International Community in order to establish and protect a fragile peace , all that time about 16 long years, CDC well known political party considered to a Kru or Southeast political party was on the path of destabilizing the fragile peace and the fragile economy with all sorts of alleged peaceful protests that were meant to force an elected regime to step down. Now after all that have taken place, and relatively peace enjoyed, and a peaceful transferred of political power to the political party from the Southeast and wining a popular election , the nation found its headed by a political strongman as a Kru man. And what happened next after a peaceful transferred of political power, it is fair to say Liberia was peaceful and sweet until a Kru man came to power. Try proving James Davis wrong that heaven was peaceful until the Kru people got there and started arguing with God on his throne. Mr. Sylvester Moses, James Davis will call a spade a spade anytime and anywhere without being politically correct. Right now citizens are afraid to speak out. Security forces being condemned by the International Community diplomats near Monrovia. Even the nation’s Independent Human Rights Commission has started taking notes. But why are you upset ? Because a group of tribesmen instead of an individual ? Oh well. Go figure why ?


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