William Grear Nyanue Declares Intention for Grand Gedeh 2020 Senatorial Election

Mr. Nyanue addresses reporters in Monrovia recently.

Says the county lacks good leadership to inspire its people

Ahead of the 2020 mid-term Senatorial elections, a prominent son of Grand Gedeh County, William Grear Nyanue, has declared his intention to run as senator of the county.

Nyanue recently told reporters in Monrovia that Grand Gedeh lacks the good leadership needed to inspire the people, something which has hampered the county’s development over the years. He said his intention to join the race is to ensure that his people are free from the hands of those he considers as bad leaders in the county.

Mr. Nyanue said Grand Gedeans have suffered too long for a good leader, and it is about time that the county’s leadership takes another direction for the common good of its people.

According to him, if the most crucial problems cannot be identified now, the county will find it difficult to make progress in the coming years. “Grand Gedeh County, after more than 14 years of instability, encountered bad leadership,“ Nyanue said.

He mentioned that the emergence of individuals, who feed on poverty and the high level of illiteracy among the people, is such that citizens are confused when it comes to making the right decision for leaders that will shift their destiny.

He noted that Grand Gedeh is desperately in need of a leader who will positively impact the lives of ordinary citizens; a leader who will become a community builder and will influence the future of the county in order to make it better.

Mr. Nyanue expressed optimism about the 2020 elections, saying that despite numerous challenges facing the county, when they put their minds together it is sure that with the leadership enthusiasm in him, significant progress will be made in Grand Gedeh County.

“Liberia is at its developmental stage, and our collective search should be for leaders to be inclusive, thereby involving all of our people in the affairs of the county, and the one that will encourage, diversify and embrace various talents and backgrounds will inspire us to rise above perceived limitations,” he said.

Nyanue stated that due to the lack of a good leader over the years, Grand Gedeh has not been able to get the kind of development it deserves, something which he attributed to the lack of proper accountability to make sure that those who become leaders can be counted upon to do as promised and that they are answerable to the people that elected them.

He previously served as technical assistant, team leader/individual consultant of the African Development Bank’s financed Urban Water Supply Sanitation Project in the country. He also headed various positions at the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation, including project engineer, deputy planning and development manager.


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