Will it be West Point or Clara Town?

Doc Lawson of the DonamiSports wants kids to just have fun to identify the next George Weah

Two communities play U-12, U-14 soccer tournament in Follow the Water City Series Challenge Cup Saturday

The Clara Town Sports Field will be a scene of two football matches involving defending champions West Point and their counterparts in Clara Town.

The two games are organized by DonamiSports and Liberia YMCA and the winners will have the opportunity to travel to Kakata at a later date to defend their championships against opponents in that city.

But Doc Lawson, the Chief Executive Officer of DonamiSports, based in the United States, is so excited about the outcome of the two games that he cannot wait to watch them.

President George Weah began his soccer career in Clara Town

Mr. Lawson’s excitement stemmed from the fact that Clara Town is where President George Weah grew up and began his soccer career. And coincidentally, both Clara Town and West Point were combined to be known as Westclara LFA Sub Committee that participates in the LFA annual 3rd division league.

The West Point kids defeated their counterparts in Duport Road to capture the two trophies and are now bringing them to President Weah’s own backyard. Would Clara Town kids allow the trophies to return to West Point? That, Doc Lawson said, is the million dollar question for the kids in Clara Town to answer.

The grassroots soccer under DonamiSports and YMCA is meant to identify talented soccer players in the fashion of President Weah, to carry out the torch that the president set as a kid.

But Doc Lawson, who played active football in the United States, believes that there could be more George Weahs hidden in Clara Town and therefore Saturday’s games should help to expose some of them.

The Follow the Water City Series Challenge Cup is a new program to get thousands of kids to play soccer, according to Doc Lawson. While many kids play the game without support from knowledgeable coaches, the DonamiSports and YMCA initiative bring professional coaches and material to the doorstep of the kids.

Since Doc Lawson’s activities in Liberia nearly eight years ago, he has helped a combined total of over 300,000 kids to be active in sports  leagues, clinics, camps, as well as school games he has organized. He has also distributed over 30,000 footballs and 60,000 jerseys across Liberia.

He told the Daily Observer that it would be a wonderful idea if President Weah could give his blessing on Saturday’s games since they are being held in the community that he began to play soccer as a kid. The president’s ascendancy from a child in Clara Town to the highest office in the Republic of Liberia is a message of HOPE for every child in Liberia, said Mr. Lawson.


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