Will Charles Sirleaf Accept Offer to Testify against Weeks?

Former CBL Executive Governor Milton Weeks, Deputy Governor Charles Sirleaf and Director of Banking Dorbor Hagba, were the first to be arrested, among many others pending, as named in the Presidential Investigation Team’s (PIT) report.

-In CBL L$2.6B Trial

The possibility of the government establishing its criminal case against former Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), Milton Weeks, could likely be a reality only if four former executives of the Bank, including former Deputy Governor for Operations, Charles Sirleaf, who saw charges against him were recently dropped, accepts any offer to testify in favor of the state.

Sirleaf, together with Weeks, Dorbor M. Hagba, Director of Finance, Richard H. Walker, Director for Operation, and Joseph Dennis, Director of Internal Audit, were jointly indicted in 2019 with multiple charges that range from economic sabotage, criminal conspiracy, and criminal facilitation.

They were said to have acted unilaterally and unlawfully by printing and importing into the country three times the amount of banknotes that they had been authorized by the Legislature to print.

To sustain their quest to convict Weeks, the state prosecutors on Friday, May 16, made a submission before Judge Yamie Quiqui Gbeisay, pleading to the judge about their desire to modify the early motion of nolle prosequoi (drop charges) filed before the court in favor of the four co-defendants.

Judge Gbeisay is yet to make a determination into the matter. However, the state prosecutors had said they were dismissing the charges against Sirleaf with prejudice to the state, meaning that the case with Sirleaf is dismissed permanently and cannot be brought back to the court.

Usually, such a decision can be taken based on a contractual agreement wherein the individual, on whose behalf the charges are dismissed, has to agree to testify in favor of the state.

It is unclear whether what was the agreement with Sirleaf, who served as Deputy Governor at the time of the incident in March 2018, will agree to serve as a key witness of the state against his former boss, Weeks.

And, if it were to be the case, it would mean that Sirleaf may have disregarded the humiliation and disgrace he and his onetime confidant went through when they were first arrested and subsequently jailed on multiple occasions by the government.

Hagba, Walker, and Dennis, meanwhile, the state dismissed their cases without prejudice, meaning that the case against them can be reopened if they were to refuse the terms and conditions of the agreement if there exists any.

It can be recalled that the former CBL executives were indicted after a report of the alleged missing LD$16 billion was released.

That report was carried out by the investigative auditing firm, Kroll Associates, hired by the United States Government through its Embassy near Monrovia to look into the alleged disappearance of some billions of newly printed Liberian banknotes in 2018.

Initially, it was widely reported that shipping containers full of banknotes had vanished from the Free Port of Monrovia and the Roberts International Airport, in Margibi County.  However, the report by then did not find any proof that this happened.

Instead, the report found that the CBL had acted unilaterally and unlawfully by printing and importing into the country three times the number of banknotes it had been authorized to print.

The banknotes were said to have been printed by Crane Currency — a currency printing company in Sweden, but the company challenged the government to prove that Crane did anything illegal, which did not happen until the state prosecutors dismissed the accusation against the Crane Currency.

Initially, the government had claimed that Sirleaf, while serving as Acting Bank Governor, conspired with his boss Weeks and other officials of the bank, all of who intentionally printed and caused the printing of the excess Liberian dollars, which actions on the part of the defendants have the propensity to cause serious economic instability, undermine the government and cause citizens to rise up against the government.

Those are the individuals the government solely relies upon as its key witnesses by dropping their charges in return for the testimonies.


  • Anthony Kokoi is a young Liberian sports writer who has an ever-growing passion for the development of the game of football (soccer) and other sports. For the past few years, he has been passionately engaged in reporting the developments of the game in the country. He is an associate member of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia (SWAL). He is a promoter of young talents. He also writes match reports and makes an analysis of Liberian Football.


  1. There you go again! Another theatrical and calisthenics display of Weah’s and his regime sterner of inadequacy is historically worth nothing in the annals of our eerie history making. Allow Charles Sirleaf to testify against his brother which is utterly far-fetching and a likely mirage. It may require Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to intervene again, and teach Weah some senses since he is that dull to sequester reality from fiction.

    I continue to herald a clarion opinion: This government is a joke and a laughing stock both at home and in the comity of nations. The footballer joker-president is at his best when he plays soccer; unfortunately, that is no longer the case. The next time we can elect a bitterball seller.. and hope miracle will happen when he or she is the mansion.

    • “Miatta S. Momoh”, we feel for you that the dictatorship of the tyrant Tubman has so badly damaged your intellect, that you expect the presidency in Liberia today to have the same and very modus operandi of the imperial presidency of Tubman the tyrant where he was the prosecution, the legislature, the courts, the jury, and the judges.

      Initially, I thought such blindness on your part was simply a display of bad politics bent on inferiority complex, hatred, instability, subversion or disconcerting threat of violence.

      But with your reasoning that the president should interfere in the prosecution of those accused, because according to you, the very people been prosecuted gave the very money to Pres Weah for his election, the only logical description or conceptualization of such display on your part is insanity and stupidity.

  2. Miatta S. Momoh

    Lets wait and see if the offer will be made to Mr. Sirleaf. As far as I am concerned, I stand corrected, no offer has been made yet. Jumping to conclusions now is not necessary.


  3. “It may require Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to intervene again, and teach Weah some senses since he is that dull to sequester reality from fiction.” Miatta S. Momoh”

    “You hope I become president? That is the day our country will be finally redeemed from the abyss of thievery. Keep praying for me my dear.” “Miatta S. Momoh”

    So this is the way you will “redeem our country from the abyss of thievery”?????? by you as president also dictating to the prosecution, the courts, and the judges???

    No wonder the people and the international community labeled you and your “comrades” as DANGEROUS COMMUNISTS!

  4. I’m gravely taken aback by this awesome development! That the charges against Charles Sirleaf are dropped permanently, and that he’ll be needed to testify against his former boss for the same offense which he (Charles Sirleaf) had initially been accused of, disgraced and incacerated, sounds absurd and very frustrating! A situational irony with arguably the most humorous but provoking effect to public knowledge!

    In my opion, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who knows how well to play her card,even better than any other living Liberian politician(this is not to praise her), has all that it requires to influence any decision for her selfish gains.

    At the onset of all this, Ellen rose to her feet and told the whole world that her son would never have been proven guilty of said charges. In an interview with an Azajira journalist, she was bent on defending both her sons Charles and Robert,the latter with a 50m US dollars alleged scandal still tied to his neck,wich became obvious when she (Ellen)herself admitted a her son wrong doing and claimed responsibility ,but later denied it.

    This “sinister force” has done more harms to our nation than we may have realized.She remains a “thorn” in our flesh, and her children seem to follow suit.She’s wily and diabolical, and it takes a conscious-minded person to understand her deeds.

    In sum, I’m deeply worried over the future of this current generation of Liberian children of which my own children are part of.However,since Ellen thinks she’s bigger than Liberia, we must not relent in our struggle for a brighter future for generations to come!

  5. It is indeed a doomed generation to have one person rise on the political scene and dominate it for nearly a century. She vehemently fustigated the regimes of Tolbert and then later worked for him while undermining him; then ended up working for and dining with Doe, Tolbert’s assumed killer; then went on to sponsor an escapee Charles Taylor when she fell apart with Doe; later took the helm of power herself, and handed Taylor over for prosecution; supervised an election in which she subtly through shady operation placed a dummy as a president to protect her interests.

    If Liberia was truly a civilized society, she would either be in jail or dead by now let alone anyone opining that she knows how to play her cards well. Our society perhaps needs a Jerry Rawlings! As it looks now Ellen Johnson Sirleaf literally claiming ownership of Liberia because she know Liberians are bunch of fools. Only in Liberia will such a scenario play out by a single individual of distaff status.

  6. Jackson Neal aka Miatta S. Momoh, in 2005 when you went around begging her to end your joblessness, you should have told yourself “It is indeed a doomed generation to have one person rise on the political scene and dominate it for nearly a century”, and refused her job offer after you went from door to door campaigning for her!

    You are worse than a hypocrite to only come spew such rubbish about her simply because your twelve years with her has ended, and this new government like the voters have decided that you are useless.

    You are the actual enemy of the people! When you are in a government, that government is saintly, and in fact angelic. But once you become jobless, the people should gang-up against the government as you did in November 1985, and recently with your support and hidden agenda with rag-tag CoP, but you all are now doomed to oblivion.

    Most of your comrades acknowledging the reality that you guys time have passed, have either made their way into the legislature or are engaged in their quiet lives. For example, George Boley, Chea Chepo, Dew Mayson, Togba Nah Tipoteh, Commany Wisseh, Dusty Wolokolie, Amos Sawyer, etc. etc., but only you must behaving as someone who is running mad!

  7. I didn’t know some Liberians were this stupid to think that only Henry Bomiah Fanhbulleh can write at the level at which Jackson Neal and Miatta S. Momoh write. I wonder these people ever went to school; deal with the premise of the argument. Stop insinuating that I have a wife from Freetown, I led a rebel group, I begged Ellen for job, etc.

    One thing about our society and its place of myopism is that once a one person insinuates and fetters a lie everyone hooks on to such lie and let it thrive with untamed idiocy. All of our sister Miatta’s writings and mine are attributed to Bomiah Fahnbulleh? Once one Miltida Whitherspon, a Weah’s myrmidon, insinuated that I was Fahnbulleh almost everyone yielded to her opinion.

    These people are mentally ill. I have repeatedly told you that I live in Bloomington, Minnesota and that there is no need to use fake name, but you are so stupid instead of stating your opinion or countering my position, you choose to aimlessly lead a personal attack on someone who as it turns out has nothing do with me or my opinion.

    If you think I am Bomiah Fanhbulleh, you simply have coconut water in your skull and not a brain. I don’t use fake name to conceal my identity. Quite insinuating that I am Fahnbulleh, how foolish and stupid?

  8. Jackson Neal aka Miatta S. Momoh, you must be foolishly thinking “people” are as stupid and insane as you are. You sound like the thief who went the detective entered the room and said I am looking for a thief, the thief jumped up and said “I am not a thief”, when he was never pointed out a thief.

  9. Jackson Neal aka Miatta S. Momoh, you must be foolishly thinking “people” are as stupid and insane as you are. You sound like the thief who when the detective entered the room and said I am looking for a thief, the thief jumped up and said “I am not a thief”, when he was never pointed out a thief.

  10. Dear Patriotic and Sound Liberians,

    I beg you, take heart!
    Do not get frustrated or be exasperated or get irked from what is unraveling in this saga. The deal was done when former and current President Ellen turned her back on her VP. Nothing should be new to you, my people.
    Beware, there will be other unprecedented scandalous events to unfold before 2023.

    What we need to do is to pray against uncontrolled and destructive venting of angers from distressed and annoyed CDCians in satrap Weah.
    The Defense Minister will be cleared, Mr. Weeks will walk free, don’t worry for them. The culprit in this case will be an innocent person whose conscience would not permit him to continue in this Machiavellian melodrama.

    What we need to do, as true patriots who wish to see Liberia proudly listed among developing countries, is to unite under a single umbrella to take over our country democratically come 2023.
    In this union, ask not what you would gain as an individual, but what the country will achieve under a capable and experienced leadership and technocratically majority senatorial and parliamentarian houses, this should be our resolve.

    May God protect all vulnerable orphans and widows in Liberia and spiritually and bodily provide for their needs, amen!

  11. Kojolokpo K.K. Kojolokpo , you are a fool and will no longer dignify your comment as you were truly brought up from the street. No wonder we continue to lag behind other civilized people across the world.

  12. Jackson Neal, it is you who was brought up on the streets. And this is why you went on insulting A WOMAN NEC Commissioner Davideetta Browne.

  13. Dempster Yallah aka Peter Gboyo, are you still caved underground? Well, I ask you again: Why are you so heartless? After been a chronic parasite to EJS before and during her presidency, you suggested that her son rots in jail as she spends the rest of her life in grief and pain, simply because you are no more on her payroll.

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