Wife’s ‘Killer’ Charged with Manslaughter


Hassan Kannah, a 36 year-old man accused of stabbing his fiancée Princess David to death, after claiming that she had cut off his penis during an argument over extra-marital affairs, was yesterday forwarded to the Monrovia City Court, to face manslaughter charge brought against him by authorities of the Liberia National Police (LNP).

The incident happened on April 6 at the couple’s Peace Island residence in Jacob Town, Paynesville, a police charge sheet said.

Manslaughter can be defined as the unlawful killing of another human being without malice or afterthought. It can be described as voluntary and involuntary manslaughter, where the former occurs when one person intends to kill another, but does so suddenly and as a result of great personal distress. The wrongdoer must have become very upset before committing the act.

But involuntary manslaughter occurs when one person, while committing an unlawful or reckless act, unintentionally kills another.

Now facing manslaughter charge, Kannah’s legal team can file his criminal appearance bond, to allow him go home while attending to his case at Criminal Court ‘A’ at the Temple of Justice.

The police charge sheet also claimed that when defendant Kannah was investigated, he could not deny or confirm stabbing Princess to death, but he reportedly said, “I cannot remember what took place between me and the deceased that night in the bedroom.”

However police charge sheet said, “fact and circumstances, coupled with evidence adduced and witnesses’ testimonies, the investigation has resolved to charge Kannah with manslaughter in violation of Chapter 14, Sub Chapter 8 and section 14.2 of the revised penal code of Liberia, pending court trial.”

Police claimed that Kannah stabbed his victim when both of them entered into a conflict, after the deceased had learned that Kannah’s wife was coming back from Guinea to live with him.

In the absence of his wife, Kannah is thought to have taken Princess to his house where they usually slept.

But on the night of April 6, Kannah and Princess entered into an argument about Kannah’s wife return. It was during the confusion that Princess allegedly cut off Kannah’s private part.

After noticing that his penis was cut, Kannah retaliated by stabbing Princess, which resulted into her death.

The defendant’s private part has meanwhile been taken to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Center.


  1. Was Kannah asleep when he got circumcised by his girlfriend. By the way, what’s the evidence that Princess David did what Kannah claims? The poor lady is dead. The truth as we know it, may never be known. I know how wicked some women are. But the truth is hard to ascertain given the circumstances. I don’t believe that Princess David grabbed a knife and cut her fiancee’s body part without a fight.

    Send Hassan Kannah to the slammer.


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