Why Queen V Almost Retired From Music

Queen V.

Female rap diva Queen V has disclosed that at some point in time she taught of retiring from the music industry.

Queen V, regarded as the best female rapper ever who is making comeback into Liberia’s music industry, has said the lack of support from male DJs, when it comes to playing female songs, has brought her to the brink of retirement.

“The situation is so frustrating that it makes someone to actually want to retire from music and focus on other things. And yet, what happened to me. I reached a point where I didn’t want to do music anymore because the playing field was not leveled. You will not believe it, I dropped two singles last year. But because of this gender inequality, I didn’t receive massive encouragement from the Djs, who are mostly male.

“I thought I was the only one being victimized, but I later realized that it is something that happens to all females in the industry. The industry is no longer like before. The men are pushing us out, since they control the industry. This makes people think that we are not working,” Queen V said.

However, she said she has been encouraged by close friends, who have told her not to retire but to fight for her place among female artists.

The singer, rapper and actress added: “This was a difficult decision to make. My mind was made up but these friends helped me find the inner strength to carry on, and not to give up. But even now, I still feel like I don’t have enough time in the music industry, if the gender inequality problem continues to persist.”

The Queen, from back in 2006 when Hipco started to gain momentum, blazed the trail for other female rap artists with her hit single ‘Far Way to Go.’ The single broke the glass ceiling, which made her the first female rap artist to release a single when opportunities for women in the genre were very scarce.

Since then she has released a little over 11 singles and done several collabos, some of which have rocked the music industry.

Queen V was once a formidable force in the industry due largely to her unique lyrical flow and style of expression that helped to redefine the genre.


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