Who’s Telling the Truth?

The flogging of Sackor, according to Police Inspector-General Patrick Sudue (left) during a Senate appearance on August 22, 2019, is linked to CDC Chairman Morlu (right) and Representative Acarous Gray.

Police IG Sudue or Mulbah Morlu?

The controversial chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change Mulbah Morlu has denied an allegation by the Liberia National Police (LNP) that he is one of the two culprits who ordered the flogging of the deputy police chief for operations (102), Marvin Sackor.

The flogging of Sackor, according to Police Inspector-General (IG) Patrick Sudue during a Senate appearance on August 22, 2019, is linked to Chairman Morlu and Representative Acarous Gray of Montserrado County District #8. However, both men have refused to collaborate with police investigation despite several attempts to have them do so.

Marvin Sackor was on July 31, 2019 allegedly flogged by supporters of the ruling party (CDC) in its compound, while trying to calm down political tension between them and those from the four collaborating political parties who had gathered at Liberty Party headquarters to celebrate pre-election victories.

“We would like to use this medium to inform Chairman Morlu that the LNP stands by every statement it made yesterday (Thursday, August 22) before members of the Senate, especially concerning the invitation of Chairman Morlu and Representative Acarous Gray to assist with this investigation,” the police said in a statement.

But the police, in their statement, also appeared to contradict the Inspector-General’s remarks that both Morlu and Gray are “persons of interest.”

In the statement, which called for the appearance of the pair on Monday (today), August 26, 2019, for questioning, the police clarified that Morlu and Gray have not been declared suspects. But the LNP finds it obvious to invite the two ranking members of the ruling party in order to ascertain the cause of the violence and assault that occurred at the party’s headquarters when 102 was present.

“It is only obvious for us to invite Chairman Morlu and Rep. Gray to hear from them on what transpired at the CDC’s headquarters as it relates to the alleged assault on Col. Sackor since, in fact, they as leaders of the CDC were on the scene of the incident.

“Hence, the LNP is using this medium to request the appearance of Chairman Morlu and Rep. Acarous Gray at the headquarters of the LNP not later than 12:00 p.m. on Monday, August 26, 2019,” the LNP’s statement added.

But in reaction to the statement, Mr. Morlu said the police chief’s characterization that he is one of the people who ordered the flogging of 102 (Sackor) is not only a lie, “but a plan to deliberately falsify official records, mislead public opinion and injure my reputation.”

“Firstly, contrary to your statement at the Senate hearing, I was never written by you or the Liberia National Police; more so, in a recent phone conversation I held with you seeking clarity, you also alleged that the Police’s 103 (Deputy for Intelligence) wrote inviting me to a hearing. This is also a lie as I received 103 at a meeting this morning, and there was never a conversation held with me regarding any invitation for investigation.

”In your third statement regarding the false claims of an invitation, you also lied that the police wrote a letter to my office, but that my staff returned it, because my name was misspelled,” Mr. Morlu said in a Facebook post. “This is also a big lie. Firstly in regard to this subject, you will learn that my office is run by a professional secretariat, who pays attention to every detail. The staff signs for every letter, get it properly filed, and will never reject a letter because of a misspelled name or address.” Morlu said.

Mr. Morlu also added that the Police IG’s lies and misrepresentation before the Senate is not only “preposterous but a blatant act of cowardice that denigrates the overall image of the LNP.”

”In defense of the facts, I am certain the Police’s 102 may testify in my favor against your false charge, which reads nothing less than a crap-load of lies,” Morlu said.

”You are aware that I have never in my life touched a police officer, not even when constantly harassed or unnecessarily jailed under the former President. Your lies under oath today is shameful, requiring an immediate retraction in the same way it was uttered,” Mr. Morlu added in his reaction.

Meanwhile, He has threatened to pursue legal measures if the Police IG does not retract his statement to undo the great damage “his statement has caused my image.”

In defense of its chairman and Rep. Gray, CDC in a statement said: “As the CDC condemns all forms of violence at all times, it nevertheless refutes LNP Inspector General Sudue’s information as untrue. The CDC, neither its officials, have not received any letter of invitation, or calls from the police, especially in regard to an ongoing investigation.”


  1. I am not a hater nor an admirer of the IG or the Chairman, and of course not a partisan or supporter of any political party. But from a COMMONSENSE, conventional wisdom, or prima facie standpoint, its effortlessly easy to see that the Chairman is telling the truth, while the IG in his vague cub scout reasoning or logic is not telling the truth but have simply decided to unwarrantedly drag top ranking officials of the ruling party simply to gain a deceptive favorable image with the opposition, and the public.

    For example, Mr. IG, you are been unprofessional, childish, and “a waste of time”, to claim you “do not hold the two officials as suspects”, but you are TACITLY damaging their public image as prime suspects; considering the nature of the matter and the very high ranking positions of these officials wuthin their party. You are simply playing games in bad faith. By you saying the officials are not suspects, means you have not discovered anything against them. What sort of police officer are you? Police are straightforward, and do not conduct themselves in this sick manner of yours, my friend.

    • Mr. Gborvlehn, I agree the IG’s actions is questionable but would you agree he’s under duress? I think he’s compromising his authority and his reputation by seemingly acting as if he’s afraid of losing his job were he to pursue this matter professionally and objectively. He wants to have his cake and eat it and that won’t work. Most Liberian officials are not principled and it is clearly shown here with the IG’s actions.

      • There is a difference between a suspect and a person of interest- a suspect is subject to arrest where as a person of interest will be invited for clarity- Mr Molu and and Hon Gray are persons of interest to the case. Therefore in my opinion the IG is not wrong.

        • “Person of interest” is simply a police jargon for suspects who because of their high official status and/or without actual or adequate evidence against them, the police dare not refer to them as suspects. The police IG is wrong. And he is not been principled, nor is he under any duress. if he were under duress, he would not dare attempt to incriminate a legislator of the ruling party and the chairman of the ruling party. He the police IG is simply been unprincipled and stupid.

  2. This incident certainly proves the speculations that have become widespread quite recently that President Weah has usurped the powers of the three branches of the Liberian government — the executive, the legislative, and the judiciary. Consequently, the effects are coming to haunt the nation.

    If the Liberian National Police Force was left to do its duties unperturbed and without political manipulations, this kind of posturing from Morlu and his CDC thugs would not have been tolerated. But as the situation appears, the behavior of the inspector general, Mr. Patrick Sudue, clearly shows that he is henpecked and is not free to perform his duties like he should because the culprits have the backing of the president.

    Mr. Marvin Sackor met his brutal fate in the hands of the CDC thugs because little did he know that part of the requirements for the job of being the deputy police chief under Weah, is to be able to inflict maximum casualties against opposition supporters like the one meted against Telia and her peaceful supporters. And as it appears, he seems to be slow for the job.

    Finally he has realized that in this government, the manifest goals or the vow taken by the police to protect the lives and properties of all the citizens regardless of their background or party affiliations is not one of the president’s priorities.

    • Mr. Right to be anonymous, NOT because under you people Ellen Johnson Sirleaf/Joseph Boakai Unity Party government, Abraham Kromah the Police 102 was always used to CARRY out police brutality , summery executions, and disapearances, it is the same under this government.

      Secondly, you are a fool or atleast a liar to want to imply that the police is part of the judiciary, when the fact is that the police is directly and solely within and under the Executive Branch responsible to and of course under the president just as the boss of the police the Attorney General.

  3. The truth will be known if an impartial investigation has been conducted. Anyone can speculate on what she or he sees fit. Of course, it is perfectly normal for anyone to draw conclusions.

    Morlu and IG Sudue are public figures. At the present time, each man has an obligation to defend and protect his clout. A defense of each man’s turf or clout will continue for a very long time. Ultimately, what needs to done is for an investigation to be launched.

  4. Sad day for law enforcement when an officer is assaulted. Politics should not create unsafe working conditions for men and women of law enforcement. The LNP should muster courage, find and bring to book, those who assaulted that officer if they want to be seen as legitimate. Assault on a police officer (APO) is not taken lightly in most places. Here is Washington DC for example, the seriousness of this can be seen in definition of APO: Whoever without justifiable and excusable cause assaults a law enforcement officer on account of, or while that law enforcement officer is engaged in the performance of his or her official duties shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall be imprisoned not more than 6 months.
    A person who violates the above and causes significant bodily injury to the law enforcement officer, or commits a violent act that creates a grave risk of causing significant bodily injury to the officer, shall be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, shall be imprisoned not more than 10 years (DC Code 22-405). Emphasis should be placed on “Whoever”.
    For years now I have patrolled one of the most violent police districts in the United States; The Seventh District of Washington DC (Southeast or 7D). Assault an officer and see our response! We will use all the resources we have to bring that suspect(s) to book. Like every other, blue lives do matter.

    Alphonso Gbatu

  5. The IG is a compromised figure. this whole thing is a big charade on his part. He knows that he has no clout, so I dont know why he’s putting on big show. Let him find somewhere to sit down.


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