Who’s in Possession of Bility’s Children?

Sidikie Bility's lawyers claim that the school's administration contacted Sidikie through an email about the children's mother, Warti Robinson Bility (pictured), coming on the campus to sign for the children.

The whereabouts of two minors, who for months saw themselves in a legal battle between their parents, Sidikie  Bility and his wife, Warti Robinson Bility, dominated the habeas corpus proceedings on Thursday, January 21, at Criminal Court ‘A,’ at the Temple of Justice.

The habeas corpus request was applied for by lawyers representing Mrs. Bility, who had asked Judge Roosevelt Willie to compel her husband, Sidikie, to surrender the children that were in his custody to the court. 

However, immediately after intense argument between their lawyers, Judge Willie declined any interference into the matter.

Judge Willie said, his reason is that another court, the Civil Law Court that has concomitant jurisdiction as his court, has already determined the matter and subsequently placed the kids in the possession of the father, Sidikie. 

Moreover, Judge Willie said the issue of the children’s custody was already on appeal before the Supreme Court Chamber Justice, which prohibits him from proceeding with the merit and demerit of the case. 

The case reached the Supreme Court after Mrs. Bility’s lawyers rejected the Civil Law Court’s decision to place the children into the care of their father, Sidikie, instead of her, who is the biological mother to the kids.

Before Judge Willie declined to make any decision on the matter, Sidikie’s lawyers had earlier argued that the children were kidnapped by their mother from their school. 

They even claimed that they did not know the current status of the children.

Sidikie’s lawyers further claimed that Warti, the mother of his children on Tuesday, January 20, went on the kids’ campus and took them to an unknown location; the accusation Warti’s legal team denied having any knowledge of.

Despite Sidikie’s argument, the children had been in his custody since the welfare issued of the children went to court, in August 2020.

Further, they claimed that the school’s administration contacted Sidikie through an email about Warti coming on the campus to sign for the children.

In a counter argument, Warti’s legal team denied having any knowledge about the children’s whereabouts. 

Warti’s lawyer also asked the court to compel Sidikie to produce the children, because the kids had been with their father, Sidikie, prior to the Civil Law Court’s challenged judgment that placed the children in Sidikie’s custody.


  1. What a heartless question is this!? THE LIFE, safety, happiness, psychological equilibrium, and emotional endangerment of two innocent little children, you dare ask such question?

    You are dead wrong to be of the conviction that the enrichment of these rascals (politics) calling themselves politicians is what journalism or life is all about!

    You better rescind that question immediately, so as to not compel the GODS TO STRIKE YOU WITH SOME DIVINE RETRIBUTION!

    That said, we hope and pray the Supreme Court shall take the best interest of the child principle into the fullest account viz the ultimate goal of fostering and encouraging the child’s happiness, security, mental health, and emotional development into young adulthood.

    In addition, the Supreme Court MUST DISALLOW Mr. Sidike using his money and political connections to the detriment of those innocent children and their poor mother who bore their 18 months labour and all the hardships mothers suffer in the interest of their children!

    We take this disposition not on any prejudicial grounds, but rather..

    (1) on the principles of the natural chemistry needed between children and their mother,

    (2) the gross disadvantage we men take over women,

    (3) the obvious dangling of the safety and happiness of children in the absence of their mother, and

    (4) the best interest of the children, in accordance with those required universal, moral, and ethical principles, and the circumstances (eg. affirmative action considering the disadvantage of children and women) under Family Law!


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