Who’s Backing Cllr. Nwabudike to Defy Expulsion from LNBA?

The embattled Chairman of the LACC, Cllr. Augustine Ndubusi Nwabudike

Cllr. Ndubusi Nwabudike, the chair of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission, who was expelled from the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA), showed-up on Monday, August 10, at the opening of the August 2020 Term of Criminal Courts A,B, C, D and E, where Associate Justice Jamesetta Wolokollie delivered the address on behalf of Chief Justice Francis Korkpor.

The LNBA is the umbrella organization of all lawyers in the country including the very justices of the Supreme Court. Initially, Justice Wolokollie had refused to accept Nwabudike’s contention that his expulsion from the LNBA was illegal, stressing that “the Supreme Court of Liberia does not have Jurisdiction over private institutions because the expulsion of Ndubusi Nwabudike is involved with private institution.”

Despite refusing to accept Nwabudike’s request the two were invited to attend the courts opening on Monday. It is not clear as who invited Nwabudike to the event that is often graced by lawyers, particularly those who are in right standing with the LNBA, and should have excluded Nwabudike, because of his expulsion from the Bar Association.

Immediately, when contacted via mobile phone, Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe described Cllr. Nwabudike’s appearance as “complete defiance of the LNBA. “Let me make this clear to everybody that the Bar’s decision will be respected and nobody would be allowed to undermine it,” Gongloe warned. The LNBA president added: “We are going to muster support of the membership to resist the threat by anyone to undermine our decision. Cllr. Nwabudike is no longer a member of the bar and we stand by our decision nobody is going to change it.”

According to Gongloe, since the expulsion of Nwabudike, the Supreme Court is yet to revoke his license from practicing as a lawyer.

“The Supreme Court is yet to revoke Nwabudike, but we are going make sure that happens very soon,” Gongloe promised.

It all started when Nwabudike surprisingly entered the hall where the ceremony for the opening of the August 2020 Term of Criminal Courts was about to begin. Nwabudike was escorted by an individual believed to be one of his office staff. The individual accompanying Nwabudike was seen holding a black gown, the official dress code of all lawyers and believed to be owed by Nwabudike. Shortly after arriving at the entrance of Criminal Court ‘A’ where the ceremony was held, the office staff gave the gown to Nwabudike, who later donned it before entering the hall.

Minutes after Nwabudike entered in the hall, coincidentally, Justice Wolokollie followed, which raised serious concern among members of the LNBA, some of whom were heard saying, ”What is he doing here? This is a compete defiance to our legal profession.”

When Nwabudike entered the hall, he was not welcomed by any court officers as is usually done in the case of an executive of the LACC. Instead, Nwabudike chose to sit on the bench reserved for any other lawyers. Nwabudike was seen seated on the back row, reserved for the lawyers, without saying a word. Surprisingly, after the closing of the program, Nwabudike secretly left the hall without greeting any of his colleagues.


  1. Daily Observer, THE LAW is Backing Cllr. Nwabudike to Defy Expulsion from LNBA! As I said, Tiawen Gongloe is a fool who has reduced the LNBA to a common mob! The fool needs to go back to school and learn that the LNBA IS NOT an institutional group, but a mere associational group as the PEM-PEM Association, etc. etc.

  2. SEE INFRA EVIDENCE OF TIAWEN GONGLOE´S STUPIDITY!!! The fool Tiawen Gongloe, THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER OF THE LNBA routinely bringing direpute, emabarrassment and disgrace upon the LNBA, very stupidly believes THE LAW is the same as an argument or a wishful thinking, even after senior colleagues of their LNBA proffered this jurisprudential reality, factuality, and truism infra:

    “Minutes after LNBA announced the expulsion of Mr. Nwabudike, a senior member of the bar, Cllr. Aamara Sheriff, described the decision as ‘illegal’ and that it undermines the earlier judgment (Opinon) of the Supreme Court conferring the counselorship of Nwabudike, which, according to Sheriff, solidified his citizenship.

    “No one organization’s law is above the judgment of the Supreme Court,” Cllr. Sheriff claimed, “The court had declared Nwabudike citizenship. Who is the bar to revoke his admission as Counselor-At-Law?” Sheriff wondered.

    “The bar cannot undo what the highest court had legally done and they cannot ask the court to withdraw its opinion,” Sheriff added.

    “Nobody can interfere with the Supreme Court’s exercise of its constitutional powers, and from assuming any functions that are exclusively entrusted to it. It does not, however, allow the LNBA to review its opinion,” Sheriff noted.

    “Minutes after Nwabudike entered in the hall, coincidentally, Justice Wolokollie followed, which raised serious concern among members of the LNBA, some of whom were heard saying, ”What is he doing here? This is a compete defiance to our legal profession.” YOU FOOLS AND DULLARDS CLAIMING TO BE LAWYERS, SHALL LEARN THE HARD WAY!

  3. A true Nationalist will never hide his/her identity when flagging issues of public concern. Rather what we have here in the so called True Nationalist is a downright coward, a shameless hustler paid to hurl invectives at just anyone expressing disagreement with policies and practices of this government. If you are a MAN or WOMAN show your face and let us know who you are else you are nothing but a con artist and hustler of the hyena kind. A poltroon who out of shame will never reveal his/her true identity especially in an era of a relatively free press. Just another maggot feeding on a rotten carcass is what Mr./Ms has by his inane utterances proven to be and nothing more. I therefore implore readers to ignore his/her inane comments for he/she has nothing to offer to the national discourse.

    • John, do you still remember this story reported and edited by you people?

      You see how you people disseminated this silly propaganda and disinformation only serving your own interest and that of Tiawen Gongloe and his cohorts; and not the actual recipients.

      Generally, “everything” in this story, in many respects is misleading; or not fully truthful, and to a larger measure, entirely untrue – ipso facto the storyś one.sidedness and deliberate concealment of facts!

      “Supreme Court Ditches Cllr. Nwabudike

      — Declines his alternative writ of prohibition ”

      “Questions over the nationality of the man that President George Weah controversially nominated to be the Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC) are no longer of essence as his fate has been decided by the final arbiter of justice, the Supreme Court of Liberia, with no hope of him retaining his alleged Liberian citizenship, if he ever had one.

      The embattled Cllr. Ndubusi Nwabudike, who could not authenticate his claims to Liberian nationality which he said he acquired in the early 1980s, was dealt a major blow when the Supreme Court decided not to act on his expulsion from the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA).

      Justice-In-Chamber, Associate Justice Jamesetta Wolokollie, on Friday, July 24, declined to issue an Alternative Writ of Prohibition seeking to prevent Nwabudike’s expulsion from the Bar, following her July 23, 2020 legal conference between the party lawyers in the chamber of the Supreme Court.

      It can be recalled in March of this year, the President of the LNBA, Cllr. Tiawan S. Gongloe, wrote the Bar’s grievance and ethics committee to investigate reports of Cllr. Nwabudike having faked his Liberian citizenship. Only Liberian citizens (whether native or naturalized) can be admitted to the LNBA. In the case of Nwabudike, who was born in Nigeria to Nigerian parents who migrated to Liberia, he violated the Bar’s requirements for admission through the use of falsified documents to pose as a naturalized Liberian citizen. This, the LNBA believes, is an egregious ethical transgression warranting expulsion.

      The expelled member of the LNBA lied under oath about his Citizenship during confirmation hearing at the Liberian Senate when he was nominated by President Weah to the helm of the NEC.

      During the Senate hearing, Cllr. Nwabudike provided conflicting information about his Liberian nationality, which he said he obtained at age 17, though the Liberian Constitution only provides such status at the age of maturity, 18.

      The Nigerian national also lied about his date of birth, as four different essential documents had four different dates of birth. These embarrassing revelations, the LNBA President noted, hangs a dark cloud over the hard-earned integrity of the legal profession in Liberia and it led to the Bar association expelling Cllr. Nwabudike.

      The NEC, which the Nigerian Lawyer was poised to head if his nomination was confirmed, is a one of Liberia’s key integrity institutions, charged with the constitutional authority of conducting elections for Legislative, presidential and other statutory elected positions in Liberian government. According to the Constitution, the NEC should be chaired by a Liberian citizen.

      Meanwhile, Nwabudike, who has been and still is Chairman of yet another major integrity institution — the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) — has not yet been asked by the President of Liberia, George Manneh Weah, to step down from that tenured position. Now that the Supreme Court has, in not so many words, endorsed the LNBA’s penalty upon Nwabudike, it remains to be seen whether another wave of bad press, possible diplomatic pressure, as well as public uproar, will move the President to simply tell the Nigerian to step aside.”

  4. This nonsense can not happen in Nigeria where a Liberian will force a Nigerian nationality and illegally obtain professional education as a Nigerian. Liberia is a country under George Weah where everything has broken down. Why should we have in government a man who is a fraudster to occupy a position clearly defined by law for a Liberian? If Liberia was a civilized country where there is law and order this fraudster should have been in jail by now. Why should the government chooses to back this man to break our laws of the land?This attitude should not be accepted.

    • George k Yarkpa or who you are really, put simply, your disposition is from the standpoint of xenophobia, ignorance and emotions.

      • I can not was try e my time on fake profile. If you are an individual with integrity and as a true nationalist as you have claimed, reveal your identity and argue the point to support your support for this fraudster.

        • George Yarkpa, John H.T. Stewart, etc. etc., our names do not matter!!! Nor can oneś name be of any proof of his integrity. Accordingly, what is actually needed or required is as you rightly have stated is “argue the point to support your support” oneś claim!

          And this is exactly what I have done here and have done all the time!!!Now, pray tell us, what is the proof that even this name George Yarkpai or those of others, could not be fake names? Or even any name I may give you now as my identity?

          Look, Georgie, I am of the School of Radical Scepticism. And I can tell you that one thing about the knowledge of the world is that it may be the case that the only thing one can be absolutely certain of is summed up in Rene Descartes´ famous edict cogito ergo sum – meaning, I think, therefore I am.

          According to Descartes often called the father of modern philosophy, he knows that that 2+3 = 5, that a mother is older than her daughter, or a son cannot be older than his father, and that a triangle has three sides?

          But according to Descartes, it could be the case that he is a subject of a massive deception, as could be in our case, the so called names we know on this site of people!

          But one thing neither you, myself, or anyone or even God or the evil devil could mislead us about (even if we are not in our right mind) is the fact that you exist/live just as I or John Stewart or anyone commenting here, exists/lives!

          For of course, I, you, or anyone commenting here must live or exist in order to argue or counter argue.

          Accordingly, by such reasoning if you want to be perfectly honest, you are bound to be led to the cogito as the one certain, infallible rock of knowledge and truth – which is that True Nationalist or anyone commenting on this site lives/exists!

          And that is what is of importance and not name which may turn out to even be fake! Now you see the unimportance of even mentioning the word “integrity”, since oneś name or identity in no way amounts to integrity! Lets debate the issues!!! That is the CHALLENGE WE ARE PUTTING OUT TO ANY SOUL!

  5. Liberians like ‘False Nationalist’ and others always come in defense of this fraudster, brother. They consider everything to be politics in Liberia. I just hope some of them will one day experience similar fate in Nigeria and see if they will even be lucky to come out of it alive.
    But you know, Liberia is sweet Liberia!

  6. After justice Madam Wolokolie said that”only petty corruption” exists in the judiciary, do we need to ask who is backing corrupt Nigerian Nwabudike?
    For the mere fact that the Supreme court has been silent on the whole Nwabudike confirmation saga at the Senate, and his subsequent expulsion from the LNBA should tell us who is backing him.
    Justice should be blind, but if “petty corruption” is tolerated in the judiciary, with corrupt Nwabudike heading the LACC, why should we ask who is backing Nwabudike? For Mr. Nwabudike to go to the opening of the criminal courts, donned in a lawyer’s regalia says a lot about our judiciary. Instead of revoking his license to practice law, after the exposure of how he became a citizen of our country, it is glaringly clear that corrupt Nwabudike has the full backing of the Supreme court and the inept executive.
    The question is, why didn’t justice Madam Wolokolie boycott the opening of the criminal courts, when she came in and saw Mr. Nwabudike seated,donned in his black lawyer’s gown? We thought that Madam justice Wolokolie was one of the brilliant minds on the bench, but for her to ignore the presence of corrupt Nwabudike, and go on to say that there is “only petty corruption ” in the judiciary says a whole lot. Has Madam justice Wolokolie being incorporated into the “petty corruption” in the judiciary?
    When this supreme court’s chief justice presided over the railroading of one of its own, justice Kabineh Ja’neh, by the legislature and the executive, we came to the hard conclusion that our judicial system is compromised.
    The need for brilliant, legal minds like Madam Jamesetta Howard Wolokolie to leave this corrupt judiciary cannot be overemphasized, justice Wolokolie, you can do far better in private legal practice, than being on a corrupt bench.

  7. Tolo, for you own, after Tipoteh, Dew Mayson, and those other rascals made you to walk from Capital By Pass to LPMC from Monday to Friday to print out their propaganda for their selfish interests; and then you allowed yourself to be used by little rats like George Klay Kieh, Alaric Tokpa, etc., it seems you are on your way of making this BUTT-BOY Alex Cummings and those two rogues Boakai and Urey use you in your old age.

    Now get educated that it was haters of this timely young generation governing dispensation as opposed to their bygone era of dinosaurs who MISLED THE SENATE IN NOT MAKING APPLICABLE THE LEGAL PRINCIPLES OF FAIRNESS AND JUSTIC ETC. ETC,viz date of birth, exact dates, added names etc, during the confirmation process of a fellow negro viz the fact that seasoned jurists are aware of errors in whatever documentations!

    Tolo, especially in immigration matters, such errors, or even deliberate acts therein, are by courts and judges, GENERALLY OR USUALLY OVERRIDDEN based on the legal principles and dictates of FAIRNESS, RELEVANCE, CONTRA LEGEM, FORCE MAJEURE, SUBSTANTIAL PERFORMANCE, ETC. ETC.!

    So, Mr. Corfah, the fundamental problems with most of you in this Nwabudikeś citizenship are your chronic xenophobic mentalities, and your mentally illiterate inability to DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN AUTOMATIC NATURALIZATION AND NATURALIZATION BY PETITION of the Aliens and Nationality Act of the Republic of Liberia!

    Nwabudikeś citizenship was inter alia acquired based on automatic naturalization as a result of his fatherś Liberian citizenship. It is not based on naturalization by petition. This is what “these very stupid people” around here and at the LNBA do not know in their ignorance and idiocies. But of course, they have now gotten the indicia (the signal and message) of the Supreme Court of Liberia!

  8. “Minutes after Nwabudike entered in the hall, coincidentally, Justice Wolokollie followed.”

    “Let me make this clear to everybody that the Bar’s decision will be respected and nobody would be allowed to undermine it,” Tiawen Gongloe

    Very stupid boy – Tiawen Gonloe recklessly not knowing that his so called LNBA IS NOT AND INSTITUTIONAL GROUP, AND IS NOT A PART OF THE STATEŚ OR THE GOVERNMENTŚ MACHINERY but a mere “Waterside association” as the Yanna Boys Association, Bus/carboys Association, or any other associational group as the PEM-PEM Association, etc. etc.



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