WHO Provides COVID-19 Preventive Materials, Drugs to MOH

Liberia's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Francis Kateh (left) and WHO Country Representative Dr. Peter Clement, at the presentation of the medical supplies.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has made a huge donation containing 74 boxes of isolation gowns, 3 boxes of safety goggles, 70 boxes of surgical masks, 40 boxes of face shields, 90 boxes of Examination gloves, 26 boxes of N92 respiratory masks, and 20 bottles of Ethanol Alcohol to the Ministry of Health to respond to the coronavirus.

Among the donated items were also 81 boxes of Albendazole tablets and 144 boxes of Mectizen that to be distributed into the counties, particularly the southeastern.

Albendazole is an anti-worm medication that can treat various kinds of worms, while Mectizen cures skin infection, inflammatory diseases, and other parasites.

Presenting the items at a brief ceremony on October 30, 2020, Dr. Peter Clement, Country Representative of WHO, said the items donated will help health care workers in the rural areas to increase utilization of early services.

According to Dr. Clement WHO will continue to work with the ministry to respond to COVID-19 but at the same time help to strengthen rural health services.

He said though Liberia has beaten COVID-19, “We are also very careful of the second wave that countries are seeing in recent times. Even for our own local data we have treated about 20 cases and are travelers, people  coming in, going out, and people will continue to go out of the country.”

Dr. Clement said WHO is grateful for the partnership they have with the Government of Liberia and it also recognizes the work that the ministry is doing in leading the response effort to the public.

Dr. Francis Kepeteh, Deputy Health Minister and Liberia’s Chief Medical Officer, said the items donated are very timely, especially to the Incident Management System (IMS).

He said WHO has always played a critical role at the ministry in terms of advice in making sure that MOH contains every disease that breaks out in the country.

Commending WHO for the drugs, Dr. Kateh said: ”We are also grateful for the assistance [against] tropical diseases because we are about to do mass distribution in the southeastern counties and the western belt, and the medication is so timely and we are grateful.”


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