Who Killed Journalist Tyron Browne?

The late Journalist Tyron Brown (pictured)

Eye-witness claims ‘black jeep’ spotted dropping ‘body’ in Du-port Road

Who killed Super FM journalist Tyron Browne? That’s the important question now on the lips of Liberian journalists when yesterday it was reported that Browne was found dead in D-uport Road Community, Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

According to reports reaching the Daily Observer, an eyewitness claimed that he saw a black jeep depositing what later turned out to be the mortal remains of journalist Browne. They said there were cuts on several parts of the body, including his left side, shoulder and his palm. The body was finally taken to the Benson Hospital in Paynesville where he was announced dead upon arrival.

Tyron Browne was a former student of the BlueCrest University, according to Super FM manager Emmanuel Kortu. “He later moved to the Monrovia Vocational Training Center in Paynesville to do some courses,” he said, adding that Browne was scheduled to have been on TV yesterday morning.

“A black jeep came and dropped Browne’s body at his residence by 3:00 a.m. on Monday, April 16,” the witness and neighbors said. They could, however, not provide additional information on the alleged black jeep.

Police investigators are asking many questions and want to know who may have a reason to kill the radio journalist.  Super FM is owned and operated by Liberian businessman and politician George B. Kailondo, who in 2011 contested on the Unity Party (UP) ticket for the House Seat of Montserrado County District #10, but was defeated by Julius Berrian of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC).

In a phone interview on OK FM yesterday, Charles Coffey, President of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL), confirmed the body was that of journalist Tyron Browne.

According to Coffey, Tyron Browne was found with all his belongings, including cellphone, modem, and money intact.

In a press release issued yesterday, the Press Union of Liberia said it was shocked over the vicious killing of journalist Tyron Browne and called on the Liberia National Police (LNP) for a speedy investigation to determine the cause(s) of the journalist’s death.

The PUL said it is interested in the autopsy that would be conducted on the journalist’s remains, which will also indicate the cause of death.

According to the PUL, the killing of Tyron has increased the level of fear in the journalism community in Liberia and has further strengthened the case for self-censorship in the traditional journalism sphere in Liberia.

What made the murder of Browne shocking, according to family sources, was that he was never involved in controversial stories that could be said to have been the basis for anyone wanting to hurt or harm him.

The PUL, while not mentioning names, described the vicious murder of Tyron Browne as coming in the wake of the escalation of threats and intimidation of journalists and the independent media by some officials of the CDC-led government.

Journalist Tyron Browne, a father of a little girl, was a member of the Redeemed Christian Church, located at Du-port junction, in Paynesville.

According to family sources, he was in church last Sunday.

Morris McCarthy, a reporter of True FM, said Browne was seen taking pictures of players in a tournament organized by Super FM at a soccer field behind Du-port Road Market last Friday, April 13, Fast and Prayer Day.

Tyron’s remains are now deposited at the Abraham Anderson Funeral Parlors, awaiting police forensic examination.


  1. It is very sad to see this young and aspiring man life cut this short. Let not jump to conclusion by pointing accusation finger at anybody. Let the police and crime solvers do their job with out any interference. Others are trying to compare this to the saddest and darker past in our country history. For me, I say, there is no comparison, because we don’t who did this. This could be a ‘covert operation’ to cast a dark shadow over the government,

  2. The kiilers could be of any stripes and or could or may even be ruled out. But the Liberian businessman and politician George B. Kailondo who owns Super FM at which the murdered jounalist Tyron Brown works CANNNOT BE RULED OUT SO EASILY!!! Kailondo should be a PRIME SUSPECT!

    This was the same George Kailondo who is on record to have masterminded or in fact, carried out the killing of the Nigerian Banker in Monrovia, when Kailondo was the only and last person with the murdered Nigerian Banker.

    • These are the kinds of stupid reasoning that tend to undermine serious investigations in Liberia about these crimes. So what would be the motive for Kailondo killing this young man, “detective Kou Goatee?” Because you are a woman, so any crime by even a female prostitute makes you a suspect?

  3. Prior to that Banker´s death with Kailondo been the prime suspect, Kailondo, according to court Records, also ordered the killing of his victims in Margibi County during and after his notorious roles in the Charles Taylor government. Read these sites about what you have wriiten on kAILONDO´S complicity in the GT bank manager´s death.



  4. You are right. I remember those cases. Kailondo could have ordered the murder of this hansome youngman after finding out that the youngman may have been having an affair with one of his Kailondo´s “sweet sixteens.”



  5. Flomo, you said that people should not point accusing fingers at anyone. Yet, you are suggesting that “this could be a covert operation to cast a dark shadow over the government”. Are you not doing the very thing you advised against? I agree! Let the investigators do their job in finding who is responsible for this barbaric act and bring them to swift and severe justice. Our thoughts and prayer to the bereaved family! Just my thought!

  6. Do you remember this headline By FPA?

    GT Bank Managing Director Was Murdered In Liberia, Family Accuses Liberian Businessman George Kailondo.

    Kailondo may have ordered the killing of this youngboy for having an affair with one of Kailondo´s youngies.

  7. George Kailondo should be the main suspect. This guy has questionable character, don’t let him off the hook!

  8. Very Sad. God journey with him to his resting place. . To his Family my prayers and God grant you peace. Patrick E. Kugmeh- Former ELBC Producer.

  9. “The PUL (Press Union of Liberia) while not mentioning names, described the vicious murder of Tyron Browne as coming in the wake of the escalation of threats and intimidation of journalists and the independent media by some officials of the CDC-led government”.

    That incendiary insinuation by PUL (an institution which dismaying deriliction of duty in establishing “self-regulating measures, as other countries have done, to ensure that the media acts responsibly” was a major impediment to successfully lobbying the EJS government for a legislative bill that would’ve decriminalized Defamation laws) underscores perception that the press often mislead the public with innuendoes wrapped around half-truths in the cause of sensationalism and creating tension.

    PUL’s bone-headed biased blabber is like a lawyer saying something outrageous in front of a jury, and when confronted comes up with, “Sorry, your honor, I withdraw the last remark”. Although the trial judge would ask the jury to ignore such statement, the damage has been done. One or two jurors would remember and use it as basis to vote for conviction or acquittal – a deliberate tendency prejudicial to the ends of justice, as it is in a murder probe.

    Moreover. ironicaly, the PUL statement reinforces demands “that the media acts responsibly”. First of all, there is no rationale for the so-called “escalation of threats and intimidation intimidation of journalists and the independent media by some officials of the CDC-led government”, unless PUL wants to call officials expressing their ‘free speech’ rights “escalation of threats and intimidation…” Not to mention that it is unconscionable to use for political purpose the brutal murder of a promising young man.

    This brings us to the crux of the case: Who had motive to kill Mr. Charles Brown – RIP, son – and threw him in front of his house, tellingly, like a a scene from the Idi Amin movie “Last King of Scotland”? Considering that the Weah Administration and the press have just started sparring with each other, it seems the killer or killers would want government blamed, a perspective being promoted by others through “innuendos”.

    Well, the questionable conclusions of the ‘drowning deaths’ of Counselor Allison and brilliant writer and entrpreneur Harry Greaves made many distrustful of government pronouncements in suspicious deaths’ investigations. Let that be a cautionary tale of careful gathering and preserving of evidence. Which should include preserving the corpse from decomposition before autopsy, and ensuring that LNP assign a 24-hr three shifts’ guard to prevent it from being tampered with until all forensic examinations have been completed.

    Mind you, after forty-eight (48) hours, the trail grows cold in homicide probes – measured speed is essential. And, PUL, an autopsy only shows cause of death, it doesn’t actually identify the killers in cases such as this. That’s the role of LNP’s homicide investigators, a reality few officers forget at times by waiting for autopsy report, instead of going ahead with finding other evidence.

    To end, LNP, catch the bloody terrorists, whosoever they may be; this is a death penality case. Thus even a confession must be backed by a chain of evidence which leaves no doubt that the confessor or confessors and nobody else committed the crime. Our people are on many occasions spoon-fed with lots of lie lie and partisan disinformation, hence we can’t help explaining and explaining as our contribution towards fostering understanding for tranquility at home.

  10. One fact of this murder that is certain is that the murderer wanted to send a message. They would have left his body somewhere else or taken his personal belongings to make it appear like a robbery if they wanted it anonymous. But to brazenly take the deceased body to his home tells me it’s not a common crime.

  11. Which would suggest cunningly ‘diverting suspicion somewhere else’, because not even a Mexican drug cartel king pin, a Mafia don, or Chicago gang boss would want “to send a message” by killing someone down the target organization’s ladder. Rather they would kill someone at, or near the top. After all, “message” in this context screams to others “You can’t hide, you aren’t safe, and no one can protect you from me: Let this be a warning”.

    It’s not an uncommon crime , this murder was politically-motivated. Some seem to not realize that the elections for Liberia’s presidency are over.

  12. Well, well. May the soul of the young man rest in peace. May his beloved family be strengthened. May God’s infinite grace take complete control. God is in charge. I hope and pray that the murderer (s) will be nabbed soon. May God bless.

  13. Growing up in Monrovia, I remember YOU TOO LATE! This was killing of individuals to ritualistic purpose. It was alleged to have been carried out by HEAART MEN. Please, we can not go back to those days. Liberians was to come home, but fear may grip them if this HEART MEN BUSINESS CONTINUE. Please let us find those who are involved in these acts. GOD BLESS LIBERIA!

  14. God blessed all Liberians. Unanimity in our Liberians society is the biggest problem crime solvers have to deal with. High profile killings in our society have been going on for so long, and the killer(s), still remain at large. This one was done to sent a message. I pray that the unanimous killer(s) will be found, so the public will know who pulling the string from behind. May the young journalist soul RIP. My condolence to his family.

    • It is sad for so-called educated people to be making these kinds of silly conjectures about serious matters like this. Message, message, what kind of message do you and others know is being sent here and for what?

  15. May his Good SOUL Rest in Peace, Amen! Song: It’s Ok with his SOUL…
    And I hope all those that involved be brought to Justice.

    Killing of this Good man is lost to all. Guy stop this barbaric killing; It could had been your child, friend or relative. Please let build Liberia for the good of all

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