Who Is Mr. Liar Man?


By Marcus Dahn

Mr. President, you came to power with no fixed agenda. Unlike others who presented clear campaign manifestoes, you obscured yours from the public and even refused to attend a debate on grounds that debates were not a factor in deciding a true leader. As a result, your ascendency to the presidency has so far failed to improve the living standard of the Liberian people and address a host of other problems that characterise your leadership. But I refuse to share the opinion of many others that your administration has collapsed altogether because I believe you still have enough time to turn things around. 

It is no doubt, however, that you have fast declined in popularity, as was demonstrated by the just-ended Senatorial election in which your party suffered a massive defeat. Some critics claimed that your habits of misuse of public funds and a hasty desire to get rich again after you had virtually emptied your bank accounts, have exposed your true intention and sufficiently explained why you delayed to declare your assets.

Who is Mr. Liar Man, Mr. President? During the first three months of your administration, you shocked everyone, including your supporters, when you began a dishonest journey that eventually ended you into acquiring properties (such as the ones  at the Baptist Seminary Community and other places) for yourself and your children. According to inside sources, you regularly use tax payers’ money and have emptied donors’ accounts to fly private jets  and obtain businesses that will bring in money for you  in your retirement. Who is Mr. Liar Man, Mr. President? After you had assured the Liberian people that they will not become spectators in their  own economy, you struck a dubious deal with Lebanese and other foreign traders that enables them win lucrative contracts from which you personally benefit. Who is Mr. Liar Man, Mr. President? You promised to build a new city on Bali Island and construct a modern coastal highway from Cape Mount to Maryland, even though your first six-year-term in office has not ended, it’s more likely that this plan  has been thrashed.

Mr. President, I find it too  hard to believe that the people around you should take responsibility for the appalling economic an social problems that confront us. You have the ability to stop the extravagant spendings of public finances on yourself and power to bring on board the rightful individuals that will work in the interest of the Liberian people. For example, you pointed Samuel Tweah who allegedly misapplied 25million United States dollars( intended for mop up exercise) entrusted unto him, and who has more than once proved his incompetency as  finance minister, yet you still keep him in his position, despite public outcry. Mr.President,  you yourself should be blamed for the ugly, prevailing circumstances in Liberia because you do not wish to lead ahead and have allowed individuals like Nathaniel McGill and others to take charge of the country without the thought that such would put  the country on the wrong trajectory.

In addition, Mr. President, your  growing but   inordinate quest to please yourself and solidify your grip on power has seriously undermined the Rule of Law  and has become so blatant that pundits warned that if not checked, will drag this nation down a dangerous path of self-destruction. For example, the  unlawful removal of Justice Ja’ neh from the Supreme Court bench  and the imposition  of the referendum on the public without adequate civic education are but a few instances that have badly damaged the image of your government both home and abroad.  So, who is Mr. Liar Man, Mr. President?    Finally, no matter how long this country is trampled on,  it will rise above the impediments of corruption and mistrust and reoccupy its spot among the comity of nations. It will be the time when the name  ‘CDC’ will have vanished from Liberian politics.  

About the Writer

Marcus Dahn earned a B.Sc. degree in English Education from the University of Liberia and is currently a student at the Ibrahim  Badamasi Babangida (IBB) School of International Studies, University of Liberia. He is the writer of several articles, including:  “A Failed System” and “The Media and the Government”. He teaches English and Literature at the prestigious Spiritan Academy, a Catholic Demonstration School.


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