Who Is Dr. Malachi York?

Dr. York addresses a congregation before his prison sentence in 2002

Is there no help for Dr. Malachi Z.York? Dr. York, Born June 26 1945, is a global African nationalist, international icon, teacher, etymologist, author, songwriter, and African diaspora community leader in the United States, the Caribbean, Canada, United Kingdom, and other territories.

His works of over 1000 books on the great history of Africa, Africans, self-determination, and our story in antiquity has influenced millions the world over, has inspired change and influenced the lives of hundreds of thousands of not only those who closely follow him but even those yet to meet him in person.

Dr. York is a naturalized Liberian citizen, Consul General, and Diplomat appointed in 1999 by former President Charles Ghankay Taylor and following his arrest and imprisonment in 2002 in Georgia, United States of America, his diplomatic status was later confirmed by a 2004 Declaratory Judgement in the Montserrado County 6th Circuit Judicial Court for the Republic of Liberia.

Montserrado Sixth Judicial circuit court, headed by Judge Yussif Kaba (Now serving in ECOWAS Courts) came down with the verdict after confirming Dr. York’s innocence of all charges levied against him in the U.S. Court said to have been predominantly managed by whites who, it is said, took no interest in physical, medical or whatever other evidence against Dr. York who becomes 73 on June 26, 2018.

He was arrested in 2002 and sentenced to 135 years, by what his supporters believe was a biased court in Georgia on allegations of racketeering, money laundering and transporting minors in interstate commerce for purposes of engaging in unlawful sexual activity.

The Daily Observer has in its possession an Amicus Brief (Judicial Court judgment) that was filed on behalf of Dr. Malachi York by the Republic of Liberia in 2004 maintaining his innocence of all charges due to alleged witness tampering by the United States prosecutors.

Dr. York’s literature is said to have influenced the likes of Jimmy Cliff, Afrika Bambaataa (known as the Godfather of Hip Hop), Jay-Z, Musiq Soul Child, Erica Badu, India Arie, Nas, and many more prominent people as he developed communities and schools throughout the Diaspora.

He has received awards from the Key to the City in Brooklyn, New York by its former Mayor Ed Koch and awards and acclaim from the Mayors of Macon and Augusta, Georgia in the United States, for his works. In the 1970s he owned and operated his own Record Label and Recording Studio, worked with various artists like Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie, as well as being a performer himself. He was a part of a Trio called Passion.

Numerous foundations have been formed by Dr. York and his supporters and they still carry on his philanthropic work. The United Nuwaupian Nation, which is a conglomerate of indigenous African Tribes that are acclaimed to have been  in the United States prior to European settlement, is a formidable team in the transformation of many lives of less fortunate across the world.

These various foundations are composed of tribal members of United Nuwaupians Worldwide who are Freemasons and Eastern Stars that continue the humanitarian and charitable works of Dr. Malachi Z. York. There are men dressed in black and gold with crowns seen throughout Monrovia over the last 6 months. They are in the country to seek government’s support in getting their teacher, Dr. York, released from jail in the United States.

Accomplishments in Liberia

In the year 2000 Dr. York founded the West African & African-American Educational Endowment & Humanitarian Foundation (registered in 2005) and erected a 9-classroom Elementary & Junior High School, a 12-room Clinic and a Church, in Bong County, about 70 miles from Monrovia to cater to the health, educational and spiritual needs of the people.

This Educational Endowment & Humanitarian Foundation was created by Dr. York and Cllr. Francis Y.S. Garlawulo as a not-for-profit and a non–political organization engaged in humanitarian (health & educational) services. It was founded principally in 2000 by Rev. Dr. York and formally incorporated in 2005 by Mrs. Serena F. Garlawulo and Dr. Richelle D. York, daughter of Dr. Malachi Z. York.

New Hope Foundation Academy students

The Most Worshipful Nuwaupian Grand Lodge of Freemasonry Worldwide, of which Dr. York is a member, makes charitable donations to sponsor 100 orphans and supplement/subsidize salary payment and benefits for 19 staff members for the New Hope Foundation Academy in Zayzay Community of Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

Dr. York’s Foundation established in Liberia in January 2017 by Dr. Doosua York (no relation to Malachi), and operating in Ghana since 2007, is a not-for-profit and a non-political organization focuses on providing humanitarian services to the needy in the areas of education, health, sanitation services, agriculture, and general construction.

The Foundation works alongside the New Hope Foundation Academy by sourcing donors and sponsors to help cover its annual rent, paying the annual school fees for its orphans, and facilitating educational and cultural field trips for the students. Earlier this year the foundation covered a field trip on which the students were taken to see the international blockbuster movie, Black Panther.

In addition, the foundation is making available accomplished individuals, including Cletus Kofi Sombe, a Real Estate Developer, and other professionals with expert knowledge on key issues to help develop the students and their respective communities.

The United Nuwaupian Nation, on the need to boost the tourism sector in Liberia, is interested in producing its 2nd Annual Journey Home Festival (AJHF) in Liberia and it is dedicated to reintroducing Africans in America, UK, and the Caribbean to West Africa.

This particular installation of the Annual Home Journey festival will be Liberia’s “The Door of Return (DOR)”. The Door of Return is a new name coined by the United Nuwaupian Nation for the Republic of Liberia, due to its history in embracing the return of Africans from the Americas and the Caribbean.

African Americans reportedly spend $48 billion (Mandala Research, 2011) in travel and leisure, and tend to seek out vacation sites that focus on African heritage. Therefore, the goal for the 2nd Annual Journey Home Festival is for 3000 members of the United Nuwaupian Nation to travel to Liberia in February of 2019 (Black History Month). It is expected that its members, most of whom are investors will spend a minimum of $1000 per person which would infuse some US$3M in the Liberian economy. They expect those numbers to triple in just one year as this will be an annual implementation. This annual coming home festival may bring a lot of economic benefits to Liberia as a sovereign nation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently reviewing documentation from the Garlawulo Law Firm, Dr. Malachi Z York’s Liberian attorneys regarding re-engaging the Department of State for the United States to have him (Dr. York) released and repatriated.



  1. Nothing in this article addresses the conviction and sentencing of Dr. York. Your indication that a Liberian court has exonerated Dr. York has no jurisdiction in the United States and no international law grants immunity to a foreign citizen or diplomat from the charges Dr. York was convicted of. If Judge Kaba came down with a verdict, as the article proclaims, I wonder what case did he tried. Certainly not the case against Dr. York in the United States. No court in Liberia had or have jurisdiction over crimes committed within the borders of the United States. All the side narratives about his presumed charitable work, scholarships and other awards, do not in themselves provide immunity. The group he represents was according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, originally a putatively Muslim group, and that Nuwaubianism is best understood as a cult that promotes a bizarre and complicated “theology.” Read the below comment made by Dr. York: [“Christianity is merely a tool used by the Devil (Paleman) to keep you, the Nubian (Black) man, woman, and child blind to your true heritage and perfect way of life (Islam). It is another means of slavery.”
    — Dwight York, “Santa or Satan? The Fallacy of Christmas,” undated essay].

  2. Greetings everyone the dr york case is very interesting how a Nubain man can get convicted with no DNA evidence FBI Witness Jalane Ward said on the Stand that the Government had No Evidence…. mr York Transporting Minors Across State Line Also….Government Key Witness Recant her statement make a video to explain the Conspiracy… Not to mention the Judge was ask to recuse His self Because as an attorney he lost a case against Mr york Family …. while all of this was happing the sheriff who lead the Investigation hid the fact that Mr york was an INTERNATIONAL protected person….. its a good thing that Mr york is still alive its a lot of Damages…. that has to have to get rectified……

  3. Your comments above do not address any of the facts in the case, except to speculate on what supposed witness stated and/or recanted. If a lower court misapplied the law, appeal to a higher court and make your case for review by appellate judges. Also, it’s not the Sheriff’s job to defend legal defense for Mr. York. That is the responsibility of the Respondent (Mr. York). DNA is not the only evidence in criminal cases. While I certainly believe Mr York should be free if he didn’t commit any of the crimes he’s convicted of, I believe his Team must make that case in the courts where it matters. We all would want him to continue his charitable and scholarly work, but we cannot and should not entertain impunity to someone convicted of crimes against minors. Make your legal case.

    • What you fail to realize is you are not researching the case, we have another African Nationalist being lynched by the US Court systems… Matter of fact.. Mr. Emerson I wouldnt doubt that you work for the United States Embassy who are trying to cover up what happened to this innocent man. Before you even can get into the charges the Liberian Justice system is being totally disrespected as he is a Naturalized Liberian who was appointed in Due form and recognized by the Montserrado County 6th Circuit Judicial Courts as a Liberian Diplomat afforded all of his immunities pursuant to a July 21st, 2004 Declaratory Judgement handed down by Judge Yussif D. Kaba. That judgement stated the following: “As regards the issue of diplomatic immunity, the record in this case established the fact that Petitioner, Dr. Malachi Z. York, was duly appointed by the Government of Liberia as a Consular on December 15, 1999”. So before you get into the charges you first must recognize the United States TOTAL DISRESPECT for our Justice system and what they consider a SHITHOLE Country. Then what about the fact that Dr Malachi York is innocent and was tried by 11 White jurors and 1 Black Juror who felt he was innocent. Then WHY IS HE IN A SUPERMAXIMUM PRISON… cmon Liberia.. we are smarter than this… FREE DR YORK NOW!!!

  4. Nothing you stated addresses the criminal charges against Dr York for which he’s incarcerated. My and your personal preferences about what a court in a foreign country declares about Dr. York is irrelevant unless it can prove in U.S courts his innocence of the charges before a judge or jury of his peers. I don’t see a disrespect of the Country’s justice system. Liberian courts simply have no jurisdiction over the case of supposed crimes committed on U.S. territories. What I am proposing probably does more to help Dr. York than all the irrelevant emotional commentaries I’ve read so far. Even if a judge was to consider the plead of both U.S and Liberian citizens for leniency in sentencing, I haven’t read a single comment that that such a judge would consider to reduce the sentence. I don’t know what make people think they can steamroll a U.S. Court’s decision of a supposedly tried and settled case by the type of comments I’ve read so far, with few exceptions. Remember, a trial was held and he was supposedly convicted. If there was mistetement of facts and the judge legally erred in applying the law, an appeal to an appellate division is available to remedy that. Not a Liberian court rendering a decision on a case it has no jurisdiction. The sentencing and place of incarceration is based on set guidelines for the crimes he was supposedly tried and convicted of. Folks can help Dr. York by studying the legal procedures and follow them correctly and enable him to obtain his freedom if he’s innocent.


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