Who Erected Lonestar Tower In Buu-Yao?

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Controversy has erupted over who erected the Lonestar Tower in Buutuo, a town near the Liberian-Ivoirian border in Nimba County, with each of the parties making claims and counter claims over the erection of the tower in the Buu–Yao Administrative District.

The erection brawl over the tower has gone to the extent that Chairman of the Board OF Lonestar Communication, Benoni Urey, and Representative Samuel Korgar of BuuYao Electoral District #5 are no longer on good terms as both men are claiming to be the one responsible for taking “the nation’s #1 GSM company” to that part of the country.

At a gathering of residents in Nyor Display Town near Buutuo recently, Mr. Urey told residents, some of whom are his political supporters, that the construction of the Lonestar tower in the region was through the influence of one Joe Touah, a representative aspirant of the district, and not anyone else.

Mr. Urey, a businessman turned politician, is the political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP) that is vying for the presidency in 2017.

As one of Lonestar GSM’s shareholders, Mr Urey said he approved the erection of the tower in the region because residents were showing great interest in owning a tower, mainly a Lonestar tower, to enable them to communicate with relatives living outside of the region.

He said the GSM company does not erect a tower in any part of the country under political influence, rather the towers are erected on the basis of business or humanitarian initiatives. “So looking at the needs through some prominent citizens’ request, especially Joe Touah, we selected Buutuo to construct one, thus relieving the residents of their communition nightmare.”

Mr. Urey was invited to the district by Mr. Touah to speak at a citizens’ retreat in Nyor Display, a town near the home of Senator Prince Y. Johnson.

Mr. Urey’s remarks were prompted by rumors in the area that the Buutuo tower was erected through the efforts of Rep. Samuel Korgar.

It was also learnt that Lonestar GSM erected two other towers in the district that Rep. Korgar claimed were the result of his office. Urey, however, categorically denied any political influence in the erection of the towers, thereby trashing Rep. Korgar’s claim.

In some of his rallies in the district, Rep. Korgar maintained that he was the brain behind the coming of Lonestar GSM to the district, which he said was part of his initiative to create jobs and empower the residents economically.

But Mr. Urey categorically rooted out Kogar’s claims, saying, “Lonestar GSM was not brought into the area under the influence of Rep. Korgar, rather through the constant plea from Mr Joe Touah.”

Mr. Urey has meanwhile praised Mr. Touah for being a true patriot, who he believes will make a good representation in the Legislature if the BuuYao voters elect him in 2017.

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