When Will Suffering End in Clara Town?

Water surrounds zinc shacks in Clara Town, with a pile of garbage deliberately deposited nearby

-Residents believe struggle just beginning

When President George Weah got the chance to speak his mind on the economic struggle in the country, he was reported to have said that “the struggle of the people must end.”

And that is precisely why the residents of the slum community of Clara Town are asking: When?
Perhaps both residents and President Weah may be saying the same thing because they are hoping for the struggle of the people to end.

A visit to the community recently revealed that instead of ending the struggle, it is clear that for the majority of the poor, it is just beginning.

“Look over there,” a young woman pointed to a waterlogged enclosure of a zinc shack. “We live in water.” There was a pool of water that filled the small area leading to a couple of rooms.

There is a kind of makeshift bridge that residents use to get to their house and then into their rooms. The area emits an offensive odor but the people who live around there seem not to notice it or worry about any potential outbreak of any of the dangerous infectious diseases that many of the residents are aware of and have experienced.

This gutter is stationary and is filled with all kinds of garbage and makes the area unpleasent

“Typhoid is my sickness,” an old woman admitted to our reporter, although it would seem strange for her to claim that  typhoid is “her” disease, meaning she experiences regular bouts of typhoid.

“I have lived in Clara Town for many years now,” she said, and that explains why she is comfortable to live with typhoid.

Across from where we stood, several kids were playing and they also appeared to be satisfied with what seems to be their lot.

“They are fine,” another said. “What else can or are they supposed to ask for?” There is a belief that fate decides whether or not one will battle a disease that cannot be cured and after all “something’s got to kill a person anyway.”

That belief perhaps explains why people living in this slum seem resigned to their fate of a life mired in poverty, almost hopeless so to speak, lacking confidence in themselves and their ability to transform their lives.

True, one admitted that there are several latrines built in the community which are hardly enough to satisfy demand. Additionally there are also what are known as “Hanging Toilets” in the community and also in nearby West Point Township. They are built along the banks but over the water  where  people ease themselves over the flowing stream where fishes flock to feed.

Later, fishermen would bring their catch from the very polluted streams to nearby markets, selling them cheaply to the poor.

Clara Town is part of Garglor Township that stretches from Vai Town, Gibraltar, Doe Community, and Logan Town.
The good news in Gibraltar is the current roofing of all houses mandated by President George Weah as his contribution to the uplift of the community.

Another is the President’s second mandate for the construction of a road leading into Doe Community.

But for the meantime, as the rains continue, houses and rooms are flooded and nearby gutters are also deluged. Many people in the township say that ending the struggle would demand more direct investment into communities that were built by the people on swamp land.



    The title of a song by the late Nigerian-Cameroun musician, Prince Nico Mbarga , release back, when I was a child. One line in that lyric says: ‘if you travelled all over the world, the last place you will go…….is your home. Let no one forget home. If that holds to truth, let our President, His Excellency George Manneh Weah, not forget Clara Town.

    Just less than 1.5 miles from the seat of the Liberian Government, lies Clara Town, in the heart of the Liberian Capital. This Town name has gone in the history book of FIFA, and is well known to the entire Soccer World as a place that produced one of the greatest player that ever play the game. Growing up as a little guy in Harper, Maryland County; helping my dad in his shop, whenever the name George Oppong Weah was mentioned, it is followed by : Mohammed Weampeay (editor of Sports Chronicles 1986,87,88), Alahaji Sidibaye, Paul Mulbah, Mohammed Sitholee and CLARA TOWN. With such a Notoriety by a small town, it of the outmost sincerity that this town needs some development package from the President Pro Poor agenda. Especially so, when a .5 billion dollars (536.4 million dollars loan is about to be passed). I m sure His Excellency George Weah is watching, and keeping an eye on CLARA TOWN.

    I watched a documentary on RT TV ( Russian Television), and CCTV ( Chinese Cable Net Work TV) here in Sydney about Clara Town, 6 months ago. It was highlighting the life and career of President Weah. Most of my classmates asked me why is it that Liberian capital is so underdeveloped? My answer to them was: we are still a developing country.
    Let the President not forget CLARA TOWN…..

    From the home of the Black Aborigine, My love to all Liberian…I will not forget Liberia.

  2. Which of our plenty presidents ever developed his town or cities before we talk about the country. The most educated man in rural Liberia is using pit toilet as well as welled water or water from the creek. Liberia with all her riches is the least developed country in the sub region. Electricity has never past Kakata nor has it gone beyond Clay, then the war came and made it gbeungbay. Every administration must always borrow money that will be used improperly ( take your own and I take mine) thereby setting development goals only in the mouth without implementation. Pipe born water and was always in Monrovia only, don’t talk about postage before we talk about telefon wihich came just last night, cable tv is only for those untouchables and yet time for elections the ordinary citizens receive the services in the mouth and not in practicality. In Essen,leave George Weah alone until he shall have properly sat down. No president can move the world in four months time.

  3. This place is good for farming rice. Good soil to produced food. Clara town and Westpoint actually need to be relocated. Those places are vulnerable doing the raining season.

  4. Residents of Clara town and the rest of the Country should stop throwing trash and plastic bags in the drainage. This will help the flooding problem.


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